• Is It Really That Bad to Pour Grease in the Drain?

    Plumbers often warn their customers to never pour grease down the drain. But is it really that big of a deal? Find out when you watch the accompanying video. Just as cholesterol clogs your arteries, so grease can clog your pipes as it accumulates. And if your home is connected to the public sewer lines, your grease will be adding to an even bigger problem. 

    Britain’s plumbing made headlines recently when a 17-ton “fatberg” was discovered in the sewer system. Fatbergs are huge globs of fats and grease that can back up an entire sewer system. Instead of pouring your grease down the drain, pour it into empty aluminum cans and discard once the grease solidifies. Use paper towels to soak up the grease that remains in the cooking pan. 

    If you have a clogged drain that resists your efforts to clear it, call a plumber in Sacramento at (916) 455-4548. Ace Plumbing provides fast and friendly service at affordable rates.

  • Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

    Aside from clogged drains, low water pressure is one of the most common complaints plumbers hear. It can be bothersome to get shampoo out of your hair or scrub your hands clean if your fixtures have low water pressure. When you call a plumber to check out the problem, he or she will consider the following common causes. 

    Aerator Clogs 

    Aerators are small devices placed near the tip of a faucet. They consist of a fine mesh screen. The screen breaks up the flow of water into many smaller streams, adding air in between them. The aerator reduces water consumption without interfering with water pressure. However, sometimes the aerator can become clogged, in which case the water pressure will drop. 

    Nozzle Clogs 

    A nozzle clog is similar to an aerator clog. It’s the likely culprit when the water pressure in your showerhead drops, but every other fixture isn’t affected. You may need to unscrew the showerhead and soak it in a de-scaling solution overnight, such as distilled white vinegar. 

    Mineral Deposits 

    If the problem isn’t a clogged nozzle or aerator, then the problem may lie in the water line itself. Over time, the line can become clogged up with mineral deposits from the water. A clogged line is most likely the problem if the water pressure is fine when you first turn on the fixture, but then the water pressure drops. 

    Pressure Regulator Failure 

    Some plumbing systems have a pressure regulator. As the name suggests, the role of this device is to regulate the water pressure within the pipes. A failed pressure regulator will result in either very low or very high water pressure. 

    Pipe Leaks 

    A leaky pipe probably won’t cause low water pressure unless the leak is severe enough to limit the supply of water that reaches your fixture. In this case, you can probably detect the location of the leak easily. Shut off the water and visually examine your ceilings and walls for water stains, mold, and buckling. 

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  • How Can I Check the Age of My Hot Water Heater?

    The average water heater that has a tank will last between eight and 12 years. Tankless water heaters may last longer than 20 years. If your water heater is 10 years or older, it’s time to start thinking about replacing it before it completely fails. But what if you aren’t sure how old your water heater is? If you’re having a plumber do hot water heater repairs, you can ask him or her. Or, check the label on the appliance. 

    The manufacturer’s sticker should be located near the top of the water heater. You should see a serial number that starts with a letter. The letter represents the month of manufacture. Let’s say your serial number starts with A. A is the first letter in the alphabet, so it was manufactured in January—the first month of the year. The next two digits represent the year. If your digits are 06, your water heater was manufactured in 2006. Note that serial number codes can vary from one manufacturer to the next. You can check the manufacturer’s website if your serial number appears to be different. 

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  • Tired of Your Old Bathroom? Consider These Easy Updates!

    An ideal bathroom is functional and aesthetically pleasing. If your bathroom doesn’t fit one of those categories—or either of them—it might be time to consider a remodeling project. A plumber can help you plan your project. He or she can advise you as to whether any of the pipes need to be moved and whether the new fixtures are compatible. 

    Bathroom Fixtures 

    Swapping out your old bathroom faucet for a new one is a quick, easy update that can make a big difference for the look and function of the room. There are lots of options to choose from. Some of the new fixtures offer a waterfall-type flow. You might even consider getting a motion sensor faucet installed, especially if you have young kids who need to be constantly reminded not to leave the water running. Note that if you plan to upgrade more of your bathroom than just the faucet, consider choosing this fixture last. You’ll want to ensure its style blends well with the rest of your new bathroom. 

    Bathtub to Shower Conversion 

    If your old bathroom currently has a fiberglass bathtub, consider updating it with a tiled shower. A sleek, modern glass shower door can replace that impossible-to-clean bathtub curtain. A contractor can remove the fiberglass tub. After that, the plumber may need to move some of the pipes around before your new shower can be installed. 


    A fresh coat of paint can complement your new bathroom fixtures and shower. Look for a high-quality semi-gloss or high-gloss paint that will resist moisture and be easy to keep clean. One of the latest trends in bathroom remodeling is the use of wallpaper. Modern wallpaper offers far more design options than ever, and some types are specifically designed for use in high-condensation areas such as bathrooms. Consider adding wallpaper to one accent wall for visual effect. 

    If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, call the folks at Ace Plumbing at (916) 455-4548. Our plumbers in Sacramento can help you with a number of updates, including new fixtures and toilets. We stock fixtures by all major manufacturers, including Kohler, Toto, Grohe, and Noritz. 

  • Hear About Pipe Lining Straight from the Manufacturer

    Did you know that most of the pipes underground in the U.S. are past their expected lifespan? But if you have a failing pipe, you might not necessarily have to get it dug up and replaced. Talk to your plumber about trenchless sewer repair, which can rehabilitate your existing pipe without having to dig up large sections of your lawn. 

    You can hear more about this innovative type of plumbing repair when you watch the featured video. The president and founder of a pipe relining company explain the technologies plumbers can use and how the process works. 

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  • FAQs and Answers About Plumbing Vents

    If you picture the internal workings of a plumbing pipe, you probably imagine it transporting water to your faucets or carrying wastewater away from the home. What you might not know is that it also transports air currents. Pipes rely on pressure and air to move liquids in the right direction, and plumbing vents are an essential part of that equation. 

    What are plumbing vents? 

    Plumbing vents are also sometimes called vent stacks or air inlets. They are short pipes that poke up from the roof. You might have noticed them before and thought that they were ugly. But without them, your home could get very messy. 

    What do plumbing vents do? 

    In a nutshell, plumbing vents equalize the pressure within the plumbing system. Picture a plastic bottle of water. If you uncap it and turn it upside down, the water starts to glug out of the bottle. It doesn’t flow in a steady stream. Instead, the water chugs and the sides of the bottle start to pull inward. This is because the pressure in the bottle isn’t equalized. If you poke a hole in the upturned bottom of the bottle, the pressure equalizes and the water flows freely. Plumbing vents allow air to be introduced to the system above the waste drains. This allows liquids to flow, and it also keeps the toxic sewer gases down the drain and out of your home. 

    Could my plumbing vents be broken? 

    If you suspect your plumbing vents are broken or obstructed, you need to call a professional to inspect and fix them. Often, the first sign of a broken plumbing vent is an abnormal gurgling noise coming from the drains. You might also notice that the drain is slow-moving. You might even have standing water left in the sink or bathtub. A broken plumbing vent can also cause foul odors to arise from the drains. 

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  • Why Is My Toilet Whistling?

    It’s normal for a toilet to make noises after you flush. But sometimes, a toilet may make some very unusual noises, like whistling after you flush or at random times. If your toilet is making any abnormal sounds, you’ll probably need to call a plumber. A whistling toilet isn’t just irritating. It could also be wasting water and increasing your water bill, depending on the specific cause of the noise. 

    Water Supply Valve 

    One of the simplest causes of a whistling toilet is an obstructed water supply. Before you call a plumber, check the water supply valve in the back of the toilet. Try turning it counter-clockwise. If you’re able to turn it, then the whistling was caused by a valve that wasn’t fully opened. It’s handy to know where the water supply valve is, just in case your toilet is in danger of overflowing from a clog after you flush it. When this happens, shut off the water valve right away to prevent an overflow. Just remember to open up the valve fully once the clog has been cleared away. 

    Fill Valve 

    Plumbers often discover that a faulty fill valve is to blame for a whistling toilet. Old toilets that use a metal ballcock valve are particularly susceptible to this problem. The fill valve is responsible for regulating the amount of water that fills up the toilet tank after you flush. The ball is located on the end of a metal “arm.” When you flush, the ball drops and the aperture opens. The aperture then slowly closes as the water level rises. If the whistling noise is caused by deterioration of the fill valve, then a simple adjustment may be all that’s needed to fix it. However, you should ask the plumber to replace it entirely, since the fill valve may completely fail soon. 

    For professional toilet repairs, Sacramento residents can turn to the trusted team at Ace Plumbing. Our emergency plumbing services can fix everything that your plunger can’t. Call (916) 455-4548, and be sure to check out our website to view our other services, including hot water heater repairs, drain cleaning, and hydro-jetting. 

  • Steps to Take When Your Water Heater Is Leaking

    A little water can do a lot of damage to your home. If a water heater leak is severe enough, you might need to rip out drywall and carpeting, or else risk a mold infestation in your home. To minimize the damage as much as possible, you’ll need to take action right away. Here’s what plumbers recommend you do as soon as you notice a water heater leak. 

    Avoid coming into contact with the water. 

    The water coming out of the appliance can be hot enough to cause scalding burn injuries. Avoid making direct contact with it, such as by touching it. You should also avoid making indirect contact with it, such as by stepping into it even if you’re wearing shoes. 

    Shut off the power supply. 

    Electricity is dangerous around water leaks. Protect yourself by shutting off the power supply before doing anything else. If you have a gas water heater, you can shut it off with the on/off switch or dial on the appliance. If you have an electric water heater, go to the breaker circuit box. Flip the circuit breaker for the water heater to the off position. 

    Do not obstruct the T/P valve. 

    In some cases, the leak may be coming from the temperature and pressure (T/P) valve. This should be located on the side of your water heater, close to the top. A leak at this valve could mean that there’s excessive pressure inside the tank. Never try to plug up the valve to stop the leak, since this can cause an explosion. 

    Shut off the cold water supply. 

    After you’ve shut off the power supply, you need to shut off the cold water supply to the tank to minimize the amount of water leaking out. Look for a valve above the tank that has either a handle (which you’ll pull down) or a dial (which you’ll turn clockwise). Note that if you can’t reach the tank without coming into contact with hot water, you should instead use the main water shutoff valve for your home. As soon as you’ve taken these steps, call a plumber to request emergency hot water heater repairs. 

    Got a leaking water heater? Call Ace Plumbing at (916) 455-4548 to request an emergency plumbing appointment. Our team of highly trained experts can perform prompt hot water heater repairs in homes near Sacramento. 

  • Why Is My Hot Water Rusty?

    Rusty-looking water is a common plumbing problem. If your water looks rusty regardless of whether it’s hot or cold, then it’s likely caused by something beyond your house. For example, the neighborhood might be having the hydrants flushed or a water main might have broken. But if only your hot water is affected, then the problem is most likely your hot water heater. 

    Rusty hot water can be caused by sediment buildup inside the water heater. It’s also possible that the tank’s lining or jacket has broken, allowing water to come into contact with the metal. This will cause rust to form. You’ll need to call a plumber promptly and request a hot water heater repair or replacement. Otherwise, your water heater could spring a leak, leading to far more costly damage to the rest of your home. 

    Ace Plumbing in Sacramento provides effective and affordable solutions for every plumbing problem, including hot water heater repairs. You can schedule a service visit by calling (916) 455-4548.

  • How Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Work?

    With trenchless sewer repair, plumbers can fix pipes without digging a trench in your yard. You can watch the accompanying video to get a step-by-step look at how the process works.  

    First, the plumber will inspect the pipe to make sure the problem can be solved with this method. Then, hydro-jetting is done to clean out the pipe. The new pipe liner is assembled and a mixed epoxy solution is poured into it. The pipe liner is then loaded into an inversion tank, which is filled with compressed air to force the new liner into the pipe. After a few hours, the new liner is cured and the pipe is fixed. 

    Ace Plumbing is pleased to offer trenchless sewer repair to our valued plumbing customers in Sacramento and beyond. Call our friendly office staff at (916) 455-4548 to get started.