• Does My Tankless Water Heater Need to Be Serviced?

    Like all plumbing fixtures in your home, your tankless water heater should be serviced periodically by your plumber. Generally, tankless water heaters should be serviced once per year, but there are instances in which more frequent service is necessary.  

    If you live somewhere with hard water, your plumber should service your system at least twice per year, to check for sediment build-up and wear and tear on the system caused by hot water. If you set your system to a high temperature, you may also need more frequent maintenance service, since the high temperatures could cause damage.  

    For more information about tankless hot water heaters and plumbing maintenance, call Ace Plumbing. Our skilled plumbers in Sacramento provide tankless hot water heater repairs and maintenance services for all of your plumbing needs. Schedule an appointment for hot water heater service by dialing (916) 455-4548.

  • How to Choose a Trenchless Sewer Repair Company

    Trenchless sewer repair is an efficient and cost-effective way of repairing a variety of sewer problems. It is quickly overtaking traditional methods as the chosen repair strategy for plumbers. However, not all trenchless sewer repair companies are created equal, and choosing the wrong company can lead to a number of costly issues and leave you with more problems than you started with. As you choose a company for your trenchless sewer repairs, keep this advice in mind.  

    Learn About Licensing and Certifications 

    Any worker you hire in your home should hold the appropriate licenses and certifications, and this is especially true of plumbers working on your sewer system. Before you hire a plumber for any job, but particularly for trenchless sewer repairs, ask what licenses and certifications they hold. They should be able to provide you with their contractor license number, so you can verify that they are providing you with accurate information.  

    Look for an Experienced Plumbing Company 

    Trenchless sewer repairs are complex, and you certainly don’t want a plumber learning the ropes on your property. Find a company that has verifiable experience in trenchless repairs. Ask about the technologies that they use and how they will decide what is appropriate for your job. Ideally, your plumber should be experienced in cured-in-pipe, slip lining, and pipe bursting repair styles, and can explain to you how he or she will determine which fix is the best solution for your repair needs.  

    Ask About Their Process 

    Trenchless line repairs should start with video inspection, during which time your plumber should be prepared to hydro jet your sewer line instead of replacing it if the problem is only minor. Ensure that your plumber will also restore your outdoor space to its original condition when their work is complete.  

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  • How Tankless Water Heaters Conserve Water

    Tankless water heaters have increased in popularity dramatically in recent years, thanks to their energy efficiency and their ability to conserve water. Using a Rinnai tankless water heater as an example, this video explains how your plumber can help you save water by installing a tankless water heater.  

    If you have a traditional water heater, then you know what it is like to wait for the water in your shower to warm up. That wastes a significant amount of water. Since a tankless heater delivers water on demand, you don’t have to wait for the water to get hot, so you use less water.  

    If you’re interested in tankless water heater installation, then contact Ace Plumbing. Our plumbers in Sacramento perform tankless water heater installation and repairs on all models with reliable service and fair prices.  Learn more by calling (916) 455-4548.

  • High-Tech Trends Coming Soon to a Bathroom Near You

    Technology has changed nearly every aspect of modern life, and your bathroom may be set for a high-tech revolution as well. Plumbers are installing an increasing number of high-tech bathroom features that homeowners are embracing for convenience and comfort. Are you ready to welcome your bathroom into the modern age? Here are some of the features that could add a high-tech touch to your bathroom design.  

    Smart Mirrors 

    Have you ever gotten frustrated at having to wipe condensation off your mirror after a hot shower or at the light not hitting the mirror just right to do your makeup? Smart mirrors can end those annoyances with built-in heaters and adjustable lighting. A smart mirror can sense when condensation is building up and automatically adjust temperatures to get rid of it and offer adjustable motion-activated lighting, so you can get the right light for doing makeup and then dim it for the perfect nightlight setting.  

    Digital Showers 

    Forget fiddling with your shower knobs to get the right temperature or finding the right water pressure for your showerhead. With digital showers, you can find and easily set your personal temperature preferences, while LED lighting lets you know if the water is hot or cold before you step in. They also feature adjustable flow, so you can get find the best water pressure setting for you. 

    Voice Control 

    Imagine walking into your bathroom and telling it to dim the lights or de-fog the mirror, or taking a bath and simply speaking the song you want to hear to make it turn on. These high-tech features are all possible through voice control in your bathroom, allowing you to make your bathroom both more functional and more relaxing all at once.  

    If you’re interested in incorporating technology into your bathroom, call Ace Plumbing. Our plumbers in Sacramento can assist with everything from simple plumbing repairs to installation of new fixtures. Schedule a service call today by dialing (916) 455-4548. 

  • The Smelly Truth About Sewer Gas

    The noxious odor of sewer gas is instantly recognizable because of its rotten egg smell. Sewer gas is comprised of both toxic and non-toxic gases. They are given off by the breakdown of waste materials within the septic or sewer system. It’s difficult to live in a home affected by strong sewer gas odors, and the gas can even cause health consequences. Contact a plumber right away if you think you might have a sewer gas problem. 

    Health Risks of Sewer Gas 

    Some of the toxic components of sewer gas include ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and methane. In municipal sewer systems, there may be other additives such as chlorine bleach and industrial solvents. Exposure to sewer gas can cause short-term and long-term problems. Some of the short-term symptoms of exposure include: 

    • Dizziness 
    • Headaches 
    • Fatigue 
    • Nausea 
    • Nervousness 
    • Eye and throat irritation 

    On a  long-term basis, individuals exposed to sewer gas may become more susceptible to respiratory infections like bronchitis and pneumonia. Hydrogen sulfide can result in fluid accumulation in the lungs, and at very high levels, this toxic gas can result in unconsciousness and death. It’s also important to note that both methane and hydrogen sulfide are flammable and explosive. 

    Reasons for Smelling Sewer Gas 

    Pipes contain plumbing traps, which seal out sewer gas with a water barrier. When a pipe goes unused for a long time, the water seal may evaporate. This allows sewer gas to seep upward into the home. Other possible causes of sewer gas leakage include a backed-up sewer pipe, clogged drains, and cracked drain pipes. Sometimes, plumbers discover that a deteriorating wax ring under the toilet is the culprit.  

    Steps to Take If You Smell Sewer Gas 

    If you smell sewer gas, take it as a sign that you and the other residents should step outside for some fresh air. Call the plumbing company from your cell phone and request an emergency visit. Note that sewer gas may also be harmful to your pets. Bring them outdoors while you wait for assistance. 

    Ace Plumbing provides emergency plumbing services in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. If you detect sewer gas in your home, give us a call at (916) 455-4548. We also offer water heater installation and repair.  

  • How Can I Replace My Pipes Without Tearing Up My Floors?

    The plumbing system of an average home can last for years, even decades. But eventually, even the most durable of pipes will need replacement. A major plumbing project like this can be a headache for homeowners, especially when they’re faced with the potential for a flooring tear-out. But thanks to trenchless sewer repair, a plumber can make your pipes as good as new without having to tear up your flooring, patio, driveway, or yard. 

    All that’s required is a small access hole. The plumber can conduct a video inspection with a small camera to confirm the condition of the pipes and the extent of the problem. Then, using trenchless sewer repair technology, the plumber can insert a brand new lining along the length of the pipe. The flexible, tube-like lining is blown into the pipe, inflated, and cured in place until it hardens and forms a new pipe. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about trenchless sewer repair in Sacramento, call Ace Plumbing at (916) 455-4548. Our experts can repair your plumbing problem with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

  • Is It Really That Bad to Pour Grease in the Drain?

    Plumbers often warn their customers to never pour grease down the drain. But is it really that big of a deal? Find out when you watch the accompanying video. Just as cholesterol clogs your arteries, so grease can clog your pipes as it accumulates. And if your home is connected to the public sewer lines, your grease will be adding to an even bigger problem. 

    Britain’s plumbing made headlines recently when a 17-ton “fatberg” was discovered in the sewer system. Fatbergs are huge globs of fats and grease that can back up an entire sewer system. Instead of pouring your grease down the drain, pour it into empty aluminum cans and discard once the grease solidifies. Use paper towels to soak up the grease that remains in the cooking pan. 

    If you have a clogged drain that resists your efforts to clear it, call a plumber in Sacramento at (916) 455-4548. Ace Plumbing provides fast and friendly service at affordable rates.

  • Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

    Aside from clogged drains, low water pressure is one of the most common complaints plumbers hear. It can be bothersome to get shampoo out of your hair or scrub your hands clean if your fixtures have low water pressure. When you call a plumber to check out the problem, he or she will consider the following common causes. 

    Aerator Clogs 

    Aerators are small devices placed near the tip of a faucet. They consist of a fine mesh screen. The screen breaks up the flow of water into many smaller streams, adding air in between them. The aerator reduces water consumption without interfering with water pressure. However, sometimes the aerator can become clogged, in which case the water pressure will drop. 

    Nozzle Clogs 

    A nozzle clog is similar to an aerator clog. It’s the likely culprit when the water pressure in your showerhead drops, but every other fixture isn’t affected. You may need to unscrew the showerhead and soak it in a de-scaling solution overnight, such as distilled white vinegar. 

    Mineral Deposits 

    If the problem isn’t a clogged nozzle or aerator, then the problem may lie in the water line itself. Over time, the line can become clogged up with mineral deposits from the water. A clogged line is most likely the problem if the water pressure is fine when you first turn on the fixture, but then the water pressure drops. 

    Pressure Regulator Failure 

    Some plumbing systems have a pressure regulator. As the name suggests, the role of this device is to regulate the water pressure within the pipes. A failed pressure regulator will result in either very low or very high water pressure. 

    Pipe Leaks 

    A leaky pipe probably won’t cause low water pressure unless the leak is severe enough to limit the supply of water that reaches your fixture. In this case, you can probably detect the location of the leak easily. Shut off the water and visually examine your ceilings and walls for water stains, mold, and buckling. 

    For all of your plumbing repair needs, you can turn to Ace Plumbing. We offer reliable and professional plumbing services to Sacramento-area homes and businesses. You can reach a friendly staff member at (916) 455-4548.

  • How Can I Check the Age of My Hot Water Heater?

    The average water heater that has a tank will last between eight and 12 years. Tankless water heaters may last longer than 20 years. If your water heater is 10 years or older, it’s time to start thinking about replacing it before it completely fails. But what if you aren’t sure how old your water heater is? If you’re having a plumber do hot water heater repairs, you can ask him or her. Or, check the label on the appliance. 

    The manufacturer’s sticker should be located near the top of the water heater. You should see a serial number that starts with a letter. The letter represents the month of manufacture. Let’s say your serial number starts with A. A is the first letter in the alphabet, so it was manufactured in January—the first month of the year. The next two digits represent the year. If your digits are 06, your water heater was manufactured in 2006. Note that serial number codes can vary from one manufacturer to the next. You can check the manufacturer’s website if your serial number appears to be different. 

    The expert plumbers at Ace Plumbing can service, repair, and install all brands of water heaters. Call (916) 455-4548 to request a hot water heater repair in Sacramento. 

  • Tired of Your Old Bathroom? Consider These Easy Updates!

    An ideal bathroom is functional and aesthetically pleasing. If your bathroom doesn’t fit one of those categories—or either of them—it might be time to consider a remodeling project. A plumber can help you plan your project. He or she can advise you as to whether any of the pipes need to be moved and whether the new fixtures are compatible. 

    Bathroom Fixtures 

    Swapping out your old bathroom faucet for a new one is a quick, easy update that can make a big difference for the look and function of the room. There are lots of options to choose from. Some of the new fixtures offer a waterfall-type flow. You might even consider getting a motion sensor faucet installed, especially if you have young kids who need to be constantly reminded not to leave the water running. Note that if you plan to upgrade more of your bathroom than just the faucet, consider choosing this fixture last. You’ll want to ensure its style blends well with the rest of your new bathroom. 

    Bathtub to Shower Conversion 

    If your old bathroom currently has a fiberglass bathtub, consider updating it with a tiled shower. A sleek, modern glass shower door can replace that impossible-to-clean bathtub curtain. A contractor can remove the fiberglass tub. After that, the plumber may need to move some of the pipes around before your new shower can be installed. 


    A fresh coat of paint can complement your new bathroom fixtures and shower. Look for a high-quality semi-gloss or high-gloss paint that will resist moisture and be easy to keep clean. One of the latest trends in bathroom remodeling is the use of wallpaper. Modern wallpaper offers far more design options than ever, and some types are specifically designed for use in high-condensation areas such as bathrooms. Consider adding wallpaper to one accent wall for visual effect. 

    If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, call the folks at Ace Plumbing at (916) 455-4548. Our plumbers in Sacramento can help you with a number of updates, including new fixtures and toilets. We stock fixtures by all major manufacturers, including Kohler, Toto, Grohe, and Noritz.