• Could You Have a Water Main Leak Under Your Driveway?

    Water main leaks are always something that homeowners dread, but a leak under the driveway can seem even more overwhelming. Fortunately, your plumber has the ability to find out what is happening under your driveway without ripping it all out. By recognizing the signs of a water main leak under your driveway and calling your plumber out for repairs as soon as you notice a problem, you can minimize the damage to your property. Here is what you need to know about the symptoms of water main leaks and how your plumber can help.

    Signs of a Water Main Leak Under the Driveway

    Many of the signs of a water main leak under your driveway are the same as any kind of water main leak. Low water pressure in your home is a common sign, as the loss of water through the break will decrease the flow of water to your home. You may also notice an increase your water bill, thanks to the water being spilled from the main. An easy way to spot a leak is to look at your meter when all the water in your home is off. If it is running, there is a leak somewhere. When the water main leak is located under your driveway, you may notice a wet spot on your driveway that spreads as the leak gets larger. Water may also begin to pool at the edge of the driveway.

    Fixing a Water Main Leak

    To fix your leak, your plumber will need access to the damaged pipes. When the pipes are under your driveway, this means cutting up the surface and digging down to the pipe. Fortunately, trenchless repairs let your plumber fix your pipes without digging up a large portion of your driveway, so you don’t face hefty driveway repair expenses.

    Don’t let a water main leak damage your home. If you notice the signs, call Ace Plumbing for plumbing repairs, including trenchless repair services . To schedule a service appointment with a plumber in Sacramento, call (916) 455-4548.