• The Advantages of Video Inspection

    Video inspection is a technological innovation which allows plumbers to see inside pipes. Technicians attach a high-resolution video camera to fiber optic cables. These cables are then threaded through the sewage pipes or drainage system. This allows plumbers to see the exact state of the inside of the pipes. A plumber in Sacramento can review the video footage. The video can reveal any places in the piping which are corroded, cracked, or damaged. The footage can also be recorded and reviewed at a later date, for example, when planning building work or repairs.

    Here at Ace Plumbing, we can use video inspection technology to examine and monitor the integrity of your underground plumbing system. This enables us to predict and forestall any problems. Video inspection technology allows us to obtain a clear idea of whether or not your plumbing is structurally sound and in good condition. This allows us to make necessary repairs in a timely fashion, preventing costly surprises or accidents at a later date.

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