• Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

    Aside from clogged drains, low water pressure is one of the most common complaints plumbers hear. It can be bothersome to get shampoo out of your hair or scrub your hands clean if your fixtures have low water pressure. When you call a plumber to check out the problem, he or she will consider the following common causes. 

    Aerator Clogs 

    Aerators are small devices placed near the tip of a faucet. They consist of a fine mesh screen. The screen breaks up the flow of water into many smaller streams, adding air in between them. The aerator reduces water consumption without interfering with water pressure. However, sometimes the aerator can become clogged, in which case the water pressure will drop. 

    Nozzle Clogs 

    A nozzle clog is similar to an aerator clog. It’s the likely culprit when the water pressure in your showerhead drops, but every other fixture isn’t affected. You may need to unscrew the showerhead and soak it in a de-scaling solution overnight, such as distilled white vinegar. 

    Mineral Deposits 

    If the problem isn’t a clogged nozzle or aerator, then the problem may lie in the water line itself. Over time, the line can become clogged up with mineral deposits from the water. A clogged line is most likely the problem if the water pressure is fine when you first turn on the fixture, but then the water pressure drops. 

    Pressure Regulator Failure 

    Some plumbing systems have a pressure regulator. As the name suggests, the role of this device is to regulate the water pressure within the pipes. A failed pressure regulator will result in either very low or very high water pressure. 

    Pipe Leaks 

    A leaky pipe probably won’t cause low water pressure unless the leak is severe enough to limit the supply of water that reaches your fixture. In this case, you can probably detect the location of the leak easily. Shut off the water and visually examine your ceilings and walls for water stains, mold, and buckling. 

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  • FAQs and Answers About Plumbing Vents

    If you picture the internal workings of a plumbing pipe, you probably imagine it transporting water to your faucets or carrying wastewater away from the home. What you might not know is that it also transports air currents. Pipes rely on pressure and air to move liquids in the right direction, and plumbing vents are an essential part of that equation. 

    What are plumbing vents? 

    Plumbing vents are also sometimes called vent stacks or air inlets. They are short pipes that poke up from the roof. You might have noticed them before and thought that they were ugly. But without them, your home could get very messy. 

    What do plumbing vents do? 

    In a nutshell, plumbing vents equalize the pressure within the plumbing system. Picture a plastic bottle of water. If you uncap it and turn it upside down, the water starts to glug out of the bottle. It doesn’t flow in a steady stream. Instead, the water chugs and the sides of the bottle start to pull inward. This is because the pressure in the bottle isn’t equalized. If you poke a hole in the upturned bottom of the bottle, the pressure equalizes and the water flows freely. Plumbing vents allow air to be introduced to the system above the waste drains. This allows liquids to flow, and it also keeps the toxic sewer gases down the drain and out of your home. 

    Could my plumbing vents be broken? 

    If you suspect your plumbing vents are broken or obstructed, you need to call a professional to inspect and fix them. Often, the first sign of a broken plumbing vent is an abnormal gurgling noise coming from the drains. You might also notice that the drain is slow-moving. You might even have standing water left in the sink or bathtub. A broken plumbing vent can also cause foul odors to arise from the drains. 

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  • Why Is My Hot Water Rusty?

    Rusty-looking water is a common plumbing problem. If your water looks rusty regardless of whether it’s hot or cold, then it’s likely caused by something beyond your house. For example, the neighborhood might be having the hydrants flushed or a water main might have broken. But if only your hot water is affected, then the problem is most likely your hot water heater. 

    Rusty hot water can be caused by sediment buildup inside the water heater. It’s also possible that the tank’s lining or jacket has broken, allowing water to come into contact with the metal. This will cause rust to form. You’ll need to call a plumber promptly and request a hot water heater repair or replacement. Otherwise, your water heater could spring a leak, leading to far more costly damage to the rest of your home. 

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  • How Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Work?

    With trenchless sewer repair, plumbers can fix pipes without digging a trench in your yard. You can watch the accompanying video to get a step-by-step look at how the process works.  

    First, the plumber will inspect the pipe to make sure the problem can be solved with this method. Then, hydro-jetting is done to clean out the pipe. The new pipe liner is assembled and a mixed epoxy solution is poured into it. The pipe liner is then loaded into an inversion tank, which is filled with compressed air to force the new liner into the pipe. After a few hours, the new liner is cured and the pipe is fixed. 

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  • How to Make Your Air Conditioner Last Longer

    Summer is here, which means homeowners throughout California have started relying on their air conditioners to keep them cool and comfortable at home. If you want to avoid the need for air conditioning repair or replacement for as long as possible, it’s important to take proper care of it. These tips can help you make your AC unit last longer:

    Change the Air Filter Regularly

    When was the last time you changed the air filter in your AC unit? The filters collect dust, dirt, and other debris throughout the home, but they can quickly get clogged. If you don’t change the air filter often enough, then your air conditioner will have to work harder to keep your home cool. Change the air filter every one to three months to help keep your system running efficiently.

    Schedule Regular Tune-Ups

    Even if you change the air filters as needed, it is still important to schedule regular tune-ups with your air conditioning repair company. You should have these professionals come out once or twice each year to inspect your AC unit for any signs of problems. They’ll also clean the equipment and make any air conditioning repairs that are necessary.

    Keep Vents Clean and Clear

    Do you have any furniture or other items in your home covering your vents? If so, you should move these items away so the vents are completely clear. It is also a good idea to clean your vents regularly to prevent a buildup of dirt or debris. When your vents are clean and completely unblocked, your AC unit will be able to run more efficiently for a longer time.

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  • Common Causes of Sump Pump Failure

    Do you have a sump pump in your basement? If so, you already know that this type of equipment is designed to help remove flood water from your home and transport it to a place where it can drain safely and properly. Some of the most common causes of sump pump failure include:

    Getting the Wrong Size

    It is important to choose the right sized sump pump for your basement. Many times, a smaller sump pump will do the same job as a larger one, so it’s better to go for a smaller model. If you select one that is too large, it will end up working harder, which will decrease its lifespan. An improperly sized sump pump is also more likely to be installed incorrectly, which can also lead to failure.

    Experiencing a Power Failure

    Power outages are some of the most common causes of sump pump failure. If your home’s power goes out during a storm or as a result of some sort of damage, then your sump pump might stop working properly. It’s a good idea to have a backup generator that you can use in case of power failure.

    Neglecting Maintenance

    Just like the other equipment in your home, your sump pump requires some maintenance to keep it running properly. This includes running it every two to three months and having a yearly inspection before the rainy season starts. It is also a good idea to replace the battery on your backup sump pump after two or three years to make sure it will continue working properly. Without these maintenance steps, your sump pump can have a higher risk of experiencing failure.

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  • Should You Flush Your Tankless Water Heater?

    If you have a tankless water heater, there is one part of maintaining your system you might be overlooking: flushing the boiler. Although most people associate flushing water with traditional systems, failing to flush a tankless boiler can lead to the need for hot water heater repair services.

    Watch this video to learn more about flushing a tankless water heater. Talk to your plumber about how often your system should be flushed, which depends on usage and the hardness of the water in your area.

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  • Favorite Faucet Styles to Consider

    Choosing a new faucet can not only improve your water flow but also improve the style of your kitchen or bathroom. There is an enormous variety of faucet styles available. Your plumber can help you narrow your selections down to the best ones for your needs.

    Motion detection faucets are increasingly popular, especially in the kitchen, because they allow you to wash your hands after handling potential contaminants, like raw meat, without touching the faucet. Single-handle faucets are popular and affordable choices for both the kitchen and the bathroom, but many people also appreciate having faucets with separate handles for cold and hot water. No matter the style, low-flow faucets are increasingly favored for their environmental benefits.

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  • Trenchless Sewer Repair Can Fix These Plumbing Problems

    Trenchless sewer repair is a reliable alternative to traditional sewer repair techniques that were much more costly and invasive. With trenchless sewer repair, your plumber no longer has to dig up wide swaths of your landscaping in order to access your sewer lines . Instead, through a small opening, your plumber can locate and repair leaks and even replace your entire line if necessary. Here is a look at just a few of the plumbing problems that can be fixed with trenchless sewer repair.

    Bad Odors

    A telltale sign of a sewer problem is a foul stench emanating from your drains. When a sewer line is clogged, either by a tree root or debris, sewer gas goes up the pipes in the wrong direction—which means it goes up into your drains. Don’t ignore these foul odors, as, over time, the sewer could send wastewater back up your drains as well. Keep an ear out for gurgling sounds that accompany the odor—these sounds can indicate that gas is building up in the p-trap of the drain.

    Clogged Drains

    Drain clogs aren’t uncommon, especially when they happen in one drain. When all of your drains start clogging at once, including drains that don’t get a lot of use, then your sewer could be the culprit. It is especially suspicious if the drains on the lower level of your home start clogging repeatedly. They are the closest to your sewer line and may be first to show the signs.

    Unexpected Fixture Behavior

    There shouldn’t be any mystery in how your plumbing fixtures work. For example, when you flush your toilet, the water and waste should leave the bowl, which should refill with water. If water bubbles up in your sink after you flush, or some other odd behavior occurs, the sewer line may be the problem.

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  • The Watery History of Ancient Rome & Its Remarkable Plumbers

    When you call your plumber today, there is a good chance that ancient Rome is not on your mind. However, the work that today’s plumbers do is inspired by the astonishingly advanced plumbing that existed in Rome. Although historians and scientists are just scratching the surface of the roots of the plumbing system in Rome, what they have learned is remarkable.

    Running water was a norm in ancient Rome.

    Most people don’t think of running water existing in the ancient world, but Rome was anything but primitive. Most people in the city of Rome and in many locations throughout the empire had running water in their homes as well as a complex sewer system for moving away waste. Wealthy residents of Rome even had hot and cold running water in their homes. It is believed that the plumbing system in Rome was capable of bringing fresh water to homes from hundreds of miles away.

    Lead pipes were at the center of Rome’s plumbing.

    Rome relied on lead pipes to create their plumbing system. Once plumbers realized the potential of lead piping, the plumbing infrastructure expanded dramatically. Scientists have confirmed the use of lead in Rome’s pipes by testing soil in the waters in which Rome’s plumbing system is believed to have emptied. The sediment level that is congruent with the time of Rome’s empire contains lead from pipe runoff. Although some people speculate that lead poisoning was the trigger for the fall of Rome and that the runoff killed a large amount of marine life, there is little evidence to back up these claims.

    Plumbing is a sign of Rome’s power.

    The fact that Rome was able to conceive and build such a complex plumbing system is indicative of its unmatched wealth and power. Rome had to get the lead for its pipes from modern-day France, Germany, Spain, and England, which demonstrates its purchasing power, and the Empire’s ability to build and maintain the expensive system shows its wealth.

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