• Why Is My Toilet Whistling?

    It’s normal for a toilet to make noises after you flush. But sometimes, a toilet may make some very unusual noises, like whistling after you flush or at random times. If your toilet is making any abnormal sounds, you’ll probably need to call a plumber. A whistling toilet isn’t just irritating. It could also be wasting water and increasing your water bill, depending on the specific cause of the noise. 

    Water Supply Valve 

    One of the simplest causes of a whistling toilet is an obstructed water supply. Before you call a plumber, check the water supply valve in the back of the toilet. Try turning it counter-clockwise. If you’re able to turn it, then the whistling was caused by a valve that wasn’t fully opened. It’s handy to know where the water supply valve is, just in case your toilet is in danger of overflowing from a clog after you flush it. When this happens, shut off the water valve right away to prevent an overflow. Just remember to open up the valve fully once the clog has been cleared away. 

    Fill Valve 

    Plumbers often discover that a faulty fill valve is to blame for a whistling toilet. Old toilets that use a metal ballcock valve are particularly susceptible to this problem. The fill valve is responsible for regulating the amount of water that fills up the toilet tank after you flush. The ball is located on the end of a metal “arm.” When you flush, the ball drops and the aperture opens. The aperture then slowly closes as the water level rises. If the whistling noise is caused by deterioration of the fill valve, then a simple adjustment may be all that’s needed to fix it. However, you should ask the plumber to replace it entirely, since the fill valve may completely fail soon. 

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  • A Look at Some Common Toilet Repair Problems

    For your restroom and home to feel functional, efficient, and comfortable, a properly functioning toilet is essential. While some basic toilet repairs and adjustments can be done by the homeowner, others might require the expertise of a professional plumber. Here’s a look at some common toilet repair problems and what you have to do to address them.

    Phantom Flushes

    Is there a ghost using your bathroom? Probably not—if you’re hearing your toilet flush on its own or hearing water trickling into the toilet bowl, you probably have a leak resulting from a worn flapper or flapper seat. Tackling this problem might require draining your toilet tank and carefully dismantling the float mechanism and flapper. For this toilet repair project, it may be best to call a Sacramento plumber.

    Leaking Seals

    A leak inside the toilet bowl is a minor problem compared to leaks affecting the seals around the toilet tank or toilet base. These leaks will not only reduce flushing effectiveness, but can also contribute to mold buildup, rotting, and water damage in the area around your toilet. You may also detect the strong scent of sewage coming from the drain below the toilet base. Because these toilet repairs often require dismantling the toilet base and tank, calling your plumber is a definite next step.

    Clogged Drains

    Clogged drains every now and then are a reality of homeownership. In some cases, a plunger and a little bit of elbow grease may be all you need to clear your toilet drain. If you’re dealing with a particularly stubborn toilet clog, or if you’re experiencing chronic clogging, your plunger may not cut it. A professional plumber will be necessary to help diagnose the source of the clog and utilize more advanced drain cleaning techniques and tools to clear the clog.

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