• What Happens During a Video Sewer Inspection

    If your plumbing is experiencing major blockages, your plumber may recommend that you order a video sewer inspection for your home. During a video sewer inspection, your plumber will be able to look inside your sewer line and identify any blockages or other issues. A video inspection is the first step towards determining the correct treatment for your plumbing problem. Read on for a look at what you can expect during your video sewer inspection service.

    Your Plumber Brings Inspection Equipment to Your House

    In order to perform a video sewer inspection, your plumber will need to use powerful video equipment. When you schedule a sewer inspection for your home, your plumber will arrive with a sewer video scope and other tools. A sewer inspection camera has bright lighting and other features that allow it to provide a clear and detailed view of the inner depths of your sewer.

    The Camera Is Inserted Into Your Sewer Line

    During a video sewer inspection, your plumber will carefully insert his inspection equipment into your sewer line. Since sewer line clogs can be located far down in the system, the camera may need to travel up to 300 feet or further before it reaches the clog. Your plumber may watch a live video of the feed, and may also take a recording for later review.

    Your Plumber Recommends Necessary Repairs

    After the video equipment has been used to identify the clog, your plumber will be able to tell you what types of repairs are needed to clear up your system. Major clogs that are located deep down in your sewer line may need to be treated with a powerful hydro jetting tool.

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