• The Benefits of Perma-Liner

    Sewer lines are vulnerable to damage by everything from tree roots to clogged drains. In the past, when the lines were damaged, repairs meant digging up the yard for a costly and lengthy excavation and replacement process. Fortunately, trenchless sewer repair allows the same fixes to be made without the disruptive digging. Perma-Lateral by Perma-Liner makes it all possible.

    To use the Perma-Lateral system, your plumber only needs to create one access point. The inversion system allows the liner to invert itself through a pipe using a carefully calculated amount of pressure. The pressure is held until the lining curing process is complete, which can take three hours for ambient curing or as little as 20 minutes for steam curing. This allows sewer lines to be repaired without excessive digging.

    Ace Plumbing is pleased to offer trenchless sewer repair in Sacramento to save your landscaping in the event of sewer line problems. Find out how we can use this strategy to fix problems in your sewer lines by calling (916) 455-4548.