• Flush These Myths About Low Flow Toilets

    Replacing your toilets is one of the most effective strategies for lowering the water use of your plumbing system. If you still rely on old, out-of-date toilets, each one of your toilets could be wasting up to 6 gallons of water, every time that you flush. A plumber in your area will be able to help you choose stylish and efficient low flow toilets for your house. To highlight the benefits of upgrading your toilets , let’s debunk some of the most common myths about these units.

    Myth: Low flow toilets are expensive.

    A popular misconception about low flow toilets is that these models are much more expensive than regular models. However, the latest advances in toilet technology have made these systems cheaper and easier to produce than ever before. Today, purchasing a low flow toilet should not be more expensive than buying a traditional model.

    Myth: Low flow toilets don’t save much water.

    If you are skeptical about the true efficiency of low flow toilets, you should review the facts. Low flow toilets use about 1.6 gallons of water per flush, compared to the 6 or more gallons that a conventional toilet uses. By adding up your total flushes per day, you will see that a low flow toilet will save a lot of water.

    Myth: Low flow toilets clog easily

    Low flow toilets have been engineered to provide the same performance and clog resistance of regular toilets. By scheduling your installation with a licensed plumber, you can rest assured that your toilet is ready to operate efficiently.

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