• How Thirsty Is Your Lawn?

    During the last major drought, some homeowners took the drastic step of tearing up their grass and replacing it with artificial turf. Although this can indeed reduce your home’s water usage, artificial turf just can’t compare to the beauty and lushness of a real lawn. If you’d love to keep your lawn while still being mindful of California’s tendency toward frequent droughts, it’s time to evaluate exactly how thirsty your lawn really is, and to talk to your plumber about installing a custom irrigation system .

    Types of Grass Seed

    For personalized guidance about your lawn, consider talking to a professional landscaper. A landscaper will let you know which type of grass you already have, if you aren’t sure, and recommend some drought-tolerant varieties. Examples of hardy grasses for drought-prone regions include the following:

    • Zoysia grass (especially El Toro, Empire, Jamur, and Palisades)
    • St. Augustine (especially Floratam)
    • Buffalo grass (best for low foot traffic areas)
    • Bahia grass (ideal for poor soil and full sun)

    Frequency of Watering

    When your plumber installs your irrigation system, you’ll be able to schedule automated watering. As a general rule of thumb, most grass needs about one or 1.5 inches of water per week during the hotter months. However, if your lawn is already well-established, consider reducing the frequency of watering. Watering deeply, but infrequently encourages the grass to develop deeper roots. This helps the grass tolerate drought better, and allows it to make the best use of the water in the soil.

    Frequency of Mowing

    Check with your homeowner’s association, if applicable, to figure out the maximum height allowed for your grass. It’s best to keep your grass on the high side, especially during droughts and heat waves, since mowing stresses the grass. When you do mow, try to do so the day after a watering.

    Ace Plumbing can design and install an irrigation system that keeps your lawn sufficiently watered without wasting water. We’ve been providing high-quality plumbing services to Sacramento-area homeowners and business owners for over 40 years! Questions? Call a friendly representative at (916) 455-4548.