• A Homeowner’s Guide to Lateral Pipe Lining with Trenchless Technology

    Your home’s sewer line is among its most essential plumbing features. If your sewer line suddenly springs a leak, you may find yourself calling your plumber for emergency repairs. Rather than excavating the old pipe and damaging your landscaping, your plumber may be able to provide you with trenchless sewer repair . Let’s take a closer look at how lateral pipe lining with trenchless technology works.

    Finding the Source of the Damage

    Your lateral pipe lining service will begin with a close visual inspection of the damaged area. In order to determine where to place the pipe liner, your plumber will use video inspection equipment to take a look at the interior of your pipe. Once the location of the pipe leak has been confirmed, your plumber will be ready to begin the lateral pipe lining procedure.

    Repairing the Damaged Area of Pipe

    In order to repair your pipe using trenchless technology, your plumber will gently insert a pipe sleeve into your sewer line. This pipe sleeve is flexible enough to pass along your pipe until it reaches the affected area. When the sleeve is in the perfect position, it will be secured using a durable, watertight epoxy material.

    Restoring the Repair Site

    Even though trenchless technology is much less invasive than a full trenching service, your plumber may still need to dig a small hole to reach the area that needs to be repaired. Before your service is completed, your plumber will make sure that the hole has been filled and that the repair site has been returned to perfect condition.

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