• FAQs About Home Water Filtration

    Your water filtration system can make your home more efficient by purifying your residential water, but not all of these plumbing appliances are exactly the same. Knowing how to maintain your system and recognizing the signs that it’s time for an upgrade can help you make the most of your water. Here are a few frequently asked questions about home water filtration.

    What types of filtration systems are there?

    Properly filtered water can do a great job of making your plumbing appliances more effective and efficient. What’s more is that there are a handful of different ways in which you can filter your water. From standalone water filters that you fill up yourself to whole house water filters, these investments can help you make the most of your plumbing appliances. You can also use water filters that attach to the sink, which tends to be a nice choice for homes that aren’t equipped for whole home filtration.

    How can I maintain my system?

    No matter what kind of water filtration system you choose, it’s your responsibility to take care of it. Although your plumber can help, you will interact with your filter every day. The most important aspect of water filter maintenance is changing it when needed. This may vary depending on the filtration system you use and how often you use it, but failing to change your filters can detract from your home’s efficiency.

    Is it time for an upgrade?

    If you take care of your water filtration system and your plumbing appliances still suffer, you might want to think about an upgrade. There are a few signs that suggest it’s time to change your unit. Water with foul odors, bad tastes, and visible particles probably isn’t getting the filtration it needs. If you notice these issues, call your plumber to discuss your options.

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