• Comparing Electric and Gas Water Heaters

    When it is time to replace your water heater, you don’t only have to choose between traditional and tankless water heaters, but also between electric and gas systems. There are pros and cons to each type, so which one is right for your home? Your plumber can help you make the best choices for your needs. This comparison will also help you weigh your choice.  

    Cost to Operate 

    Gas water heaters are the clear winner in terms of operational costs, whether they are traditional or tankless water heaters. Although the exact difference depends on your local utility costs, a gas water heater usually costs around $30 per month, while an electric water heater costs about $42 per month to operate. These rates will naturally vary depending on how much hot water you actually use. Part of the reason that electric water heaters cost more to operate is that they take longer to heat up water, thus using more energy.  

    Cost to Install 

    Electric water heaters cost less up-front to purchase and install. Gas water heaters are more expensive initially, even if you already have a natural gas line, and the cost will increase significantly if you have to add a line. This is true of both traditional and tankless systems. Despite the difference in initial cost, you may recoup the difference over the life of your water heater through the reduced operating costs of a gas heater. The ability to recoup your investment depends on the initial price of the systems, your utility costs, and how much you use your water heater.  

    Other Factors 

    There are other factors to consider when choosing between gas and electric water heaters. Gas water heaters tend to last for slightly longer than electric models, while electric models are considered to be safer since there is no risk of a gas leak. Gas heaters will work even in the event of a power outage, but electric heaters are more efficient because there is less residual heat loss.  

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  • Detecting Gas Leaks

    A gas leak that goes unnoticed can cause real problems, so work closely with your plumbing company to maintain your appliances and systems. In order to deal with a gas leak and keep people safe, you need to know what to look for. Watch this video for some tips on detecting gas leaks.

    You can use three of your senses to detect a gas leak: sight, smell, and hearing. If you see dust or dirt swirling around abnormally, especially combined with the smell of rotten eggs, you may be observing a gas leak. If you also hear a hissing sound, get to safety right away.

    Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous, so you need to know how to detect and deal with them immediately. Call Ace Plumbing at (916) 455-4548 to work with a plumber in Sacramento that you can trust. We handle residential and commercial plumbing, so visit our website for more information.