• All About Dishwasher Clogs

    Dirty dishes can present health problems, and plumbing clogs prevent your dishwasher from adequately cleaning your glasses, plates, and silverware. Dishwasher clogs can happen for many reasons, from drain issues and garbage disposals that don’t work properly to faulty sewer lines, but your plumber can help. Read ahead and learn all about dishwasher clogs.

    Drainage Problems

    All the water that cleans your dishes needs to go somewhere, and that’s where your dishwasher’s drainage system comes into play. A dishwasher drains using a drain hose, which might be connected to the sink or even the garbage disposal. Unfortunately, your drain hose isn’t immune to clogging. This happens when sludge builds up on the inside of the drain pipe, creating an obstruction that stops the water from flowing through. All it takes is regular cleaning to prevent this sludge from building up and keep your plumbing systems operational. If other drains are clogged as well, the obstruction may be deeper in the sewer line, which could require the help of a professional plumber.

    Garbage Disposal

    If your garbage disposal is acting out, the problem could be one simple plug. Sometimes plumbers will install a garbage disposal and fail to remove the knockout plug. This plug can cause problems for your dishwasher, and removing it might be all you need to do to solve the issue. Garbage disposals themselves can clog if you don’t use them right, so make sure you know how to use your appliances.

    Sewer Line

    When multiple fixtures and appliances won’t drain, you might have a sewer line problem to deal with. A broken sewer line can affect everything from your shower to your sink, leading to backups and water damage. You should have your plumber repair your broken sewer line as soon as possible to prevent additional problems and complications, as well as enjoy a working dishwasher.

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