• Is It Really That Bad to Pour Grease in the Drain?

    Plumbers often warn their customers to never pour grease down the drain. But is it really that big of a deal? Find out when you watch the accompanying video. Just as cholesterol clogs your arteries, so grease can clog your pipes as it accumulates. And if your home is connected to the public sewer lines, your grease will be adding to an even bigger problem. 

    Britain’s plumbing made headlines recently when a 17-ton “fatberg” was discovered in the sewer system. Fatbergs are huge globs of fats and grease that can back up an entire sewer system. Instead of pouring your grease down the drain, pour it into empty aluminum cans and discard once the grease solidifies. Use paper towels to soak up the grease that remains in the cooking pan. 

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  • Surprising Causes of Clogged Drains

    While clogs in your plumbing system may typically be caused by the usual culprits, such as hair and cooking grease, there may come a time when your drains are clogged by unfamiliar substances. If you are having trouble determining the source of your clogged drains, it is a good idea to schedule drain cleaning and diagnostic services from a local plumbing company . Read on for a look at three surprising causes of clogged drains in the home.

    Dense Objects

    In order to take proper care of your drains, you will need to make sure that they are protected from foreign objects. Items such as toys, baby wipes, and paper towels are all too dense to be easily flushed down the drain. If you are a parent, it is especially important to teach your children that they should never flush their toys or other objects down the drain.

    Tree Roots

    Your clogged drains may be caused by the landscaping in your backyard. If your pipes are located next to mature tree roots, the roots of your trees could end up growing directly through the walls of your plumbing system. Hydro jetting or other major plumbing repairs may be needed to eliminate the tree roots and restore the performance of your drains.

    Broken Air Vents

    In order for your drains and plumbing pipes to pass water smoothly, they must all be connected to air vents that are connected to the outside of your home. In the event that these vents become clogged or broken, your drains may eventually become clogged. Freeing up your air vents will typically clear up problems in your drains.

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  • How to Spot a Clogged Drain

    Sewage lines transport household waste from your home to the main sewage system. If a main sewer line becomes blocked, raw sewage may escape back up through the drains. As well as being inherently revolting, this can cause significant property damage. It may even become necessary to conduct expensive repairs to the main sewage line. Plumbing can become clogged for a variety of reasons. Feminine hygiene products and certain types of toilet paper can block drains. Tree root systems can also damage the underground sewer line. To avoid major expense and damage, it’s important to recognize the signs of a blocked drain .

    Signs of a Blocked Drain

    You may have a blockage if your toilet makes a gurgling sound after flushing. The sound is similar to that made by a coffee percolator. Having a back-up of water in a toilet or drain can also be a sign of a clogged drain. If you spot excess water on the floor around a drain, this could have been caused by a blockage. If a secondary pipeline has become blocked, the obstruction may not do major damage. However, if a main pipeline becomes clogged, it will need immediate attention.

    Signs of Tree Root Damage

    In older properties, the underground root systems of mature trees can cause damage to the sewage system. Tree roots can crush or break underground pipes. If your drains are slow to empty, or if you can hear gurgling sounds coming from your toilet, you may have damaged pipes. Ask a plumber to check and to remove some of the roots if necessary. Failure to take action could result in a complete sewer line blockage.

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  • What Is Causing Your Clogged Drains?

    Clogged drains are among the most common plumbing problems that are faced by homeowners. While some plumbing clogs are very apparent, others can sneak up gradually over time. When you find a clogged drain in your home, you should be sure to schedule drain cleaning right away . A plumber in Sacramento can help restore your home’s drains to perfect working condition. To help you determine the source of your plumbing issues, here is a look at some common causes of clogged drains.

    Cooking Grease

    Cooking grease is among the most common causes of drain clogs in the kitchen . After you prepare a meal, pouring liquid fat or grease down the drain could lead to a serious drain cleaning emergency. As grease is sent down the drain, it can quickly harden and form a significant blockage. With the help of a plumber, you can remove any grease that may be clogging your drain and pipes.


    Drain clogs also frequently occur in bathroom drains. If you have noticed that your shower drain is having trouble clearing water after you bathe, chances are that you may have a drain clog that has been caused by hair. As hair becomes trapped in a drain, it can collect soap scum and other particles that will cause a blockage.

    Foreign Objects

    If you are the parent of young children, chances are that you may have dealt with a foreign object in your drain at one point or another. Your household drains are only equipped to handle wastewater. Foreign objects, such as toys, q-tips, or even paper can create serious drain clogs.

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