High-Tech Trends Coming Soon to a Bathroom Near You

Technology has changed nearly every aspect of modern life, and your bathroom may be set for a high-tech revolution as well. Plumbers are installing an increasing number of high-tech bathroom features that homeowners are embracing for convenience and comfort. Are you ready to welcome your bathroom into the modern age? Here are some of the features that could add a high-tech touch to your bathroom design.  

Smart Mirrors 

Have you ever gotten frustrated at having to wipe condensation off your mirror after a hot shower or at the light not hitting the mirror just right to do your makeup? Smart mirrors can end those annoyances with built-in heaters and adjustable lighting. A smart mirror can sense when condensation is building up and automatically adjust temperatures to get rid of it and offer adjustable motion-activated lighting, so you can get the right light for doing makeup and then dim it for the perfect nightlight setting.  

Digital Showers 

Forget fiddling with your shower knobs to get the right temperature or finding the right water pressure for your showerhead. With digital showers, you can find and easily set your personal temperature preferences, while LED lighting lets you know if the water is hot or cold before you step in. They also feature adjustable flow, so you can get find the best water pressure setting for you. 

Voice Control 

Imagine walking into your bathroom and telling it to dim the lights or de-fog the mirror, or taking a bath and simply speaking the song you want to hear to make it turn on. These high-tech features are all possible through voice control in your bathroom, allowing you to make your bathroom both more functional and more relaxing all at once.  

If you’re interested in incorporating technology into your bathroom, call Ace Plumbing. Our plumbers in Sacramento can assist with everything from simple plumbing repairs to installation of new fixtures. Schedule a service call today by dialing (916) 455-4548. 

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