How Can I Replace My Pipes Without Tearing Up My Floors?

The plumbing system of an average home can last for years, even decades. But eventually, even the most durable of pipes will need replacement. A major plumbing project like this can be a headache for homeowners, especially when they’re faced with the potential for a flooring tear-out. But thanks to trenchless sewer repair, a plumber can make your pipes as good as new without having to tear up your flooring, patio, driveway, or yard. 

All that’s required is a small access hole. The plumber can conduct a video inspection with a small camera to confirm the condition of the pipes and the extent of the problem. Then, using trenchless sewer repair technology, the plumber can insert a brand new lining along the length of the pipe. The flexible, tube-like lining is blown into the pipe, inflated, and cured in place until it hardens and forms a new pipe. 

If you’re interested in learning more about trenchless sewer repair in Sacramento, call Ace Plumbing at (916) 455-4548. Our experts can repair your plumbing problem with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

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