Common Questions About Air Conditioners in Commercial Buildings

When customers walk into retail stores, restaurants, and office buildings, they expect to have a comfortable air temperature. This is especially true during the hot summer months in California. Talk to an HVAC plumber about your building’s cooling needs. He or she can recommend the right size of air conditioner if you need a new unit, and answer any other questions you may have.

When will I need to get my AC serviced?

You should schedule a routine service appointment for your AC at least once per year. It may also need routine inspections up to four times per year to ensure it continues working properly. If you have an older AC unit, it will probably need more frequent tune-ups. Check with your HVAC plumber for a customized maintenance and service plan.

How long will a commercial AC last?

It depends on the type of AC unit and how much use it gets. As a general rule of thumb, building owners should budget for a rooftop AC replacement about every 15 years. Know that if you don’t follow the recommended maintenance and inspection schedule, it’s possible that the system will fail prematurely.

Should I be concerned about humidity levels in my building?

HVAC systems like rooftop AC units play a critical role in controlling the air quality inside the building. Poor air quality can contribute to problems like mold spore proliferation. This is always undesirable, but can be particularly problematic if you run a restaurant, healthcare clinic, or hotel. Talk to your HVAC plumber about using the air conditioner to maintain ideal levels of humidity.

Does the size of my AC unit really matter?

Absolutely. The wrong size of AC will increase your utility costs. Your AC technician will calculate the right size of AC unit for your building.

For the answers to all of your questions about commercial heating and cooling systems , you can call (916) 455-4548. You can request 24-hour emergency service, routine maintenance, repairs, or a new AC installation for your commercial building. The experts at Ace Plumbing in Sacramento pride themselves on exceptional workmanship and honest service.

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