Slab Leak FAQs and Answers

Slab leaks can lead to serious damage to the foundation of your home. If a slab leak occurs, it is important to get plumbing repairs as soon as possible to reduce the risk of significant structural damage. If you have a slab leak or suspect that one could be affecting your home, here are the answers to some questions you are likely to have.

What is a slab leak?

A slab leak is a leak that occurs under the foundation of your home. It can often be difficult to detect, but if you suspect you have a slab leak, you should call your plumber as soon as possible. Over time, a slab leak can cause serious water damage to your foundation, including structural issues, mold growth, and termite infestation. Typically, slab leaks are caused by poor installation, pipe abrasion or corrosion, and shifts in the ground around your home or the foundation itself.

What are some of the signs?

Depending on the size of the leak, the signs may be subtle at first. One common indicator is a sudden increase in your water bill. If your water bill has recently soared, turn off your main water supply and check your water meter. If the dial is running, you have a leak. You may also notice standing water around your home or damp floors. Mold and mildew smells are also common, as is low water pressure. Cracks may appear in your walls or baseboards.

How are slab leaks repaired?

The repairs your plumber will suggest for your slab leak depends on the cause of the leak. Water line leaks and sewer leaks can both be responsible for slab leaks, so your plumber will tailor your repairs to the cause of the leak, whether you need trenchless sewer repair, pipe replacement, or another remedy.

If you suspect you have a slab leak, call Ace Plumbing as soon as possible, so our plumbers in Sacramento can locate the cause and make the appropriate repairs before serious damage occurs. For service, please call (916) 455-4548.

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