• Signs of Plumbing Problems

    If you have plumbing problems, taking fast action can help you avoid major water damage. Knowing the signs of plumbing problems will help you know when it’s time to call a plumber.

    Watch this video to learn about some common areas where plumbing problems occur, what signs to look for, and some things you can do to lessen the chances of a plumbing issue occurring. For instance, damp spots or discoloration under your sink may mean that you have a leaking pipe.

    When you need a plumber in Sacramento, choose Ace Plumbing for the job. We offer comprehensive plumbing repairs for both residential and commercial properties, including emergency plumbing services. To make an appointment for services, call (916) 455-4548.

  • New Trends in Toilet Technology

    When you think of new technology, you might not immediately think of your toilet. However, the tech revolution has definitely reached into the bathroom and has turned the features of the standard toilet upside-down. With the help of your plumber , you can upgrade your bathroom tech and invest in a toilet with new, technologically advanced features. Here are some of the new design perks you can embrace.


    When you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, switching on the overhead bathroom light is jarring and makes you feel fully awake, which can then make it hard to fall back to sleep. However, the dark is usually not an option. Now, however, you can get a toilet that has LED lighting integrated into the seat, so you can see where you’re going at night without the need for bright, overhead lights. The LED lighting incorporated into toilet design is often blue, so it is bright enough to provide sufficient illumination without triggering you to become more awake.

    Heated Seats

    If you live in a cold climate, a freezing toilet seat is something you’ve likely come to dread. Much like your car, however, you can now use a seat heater to warm up the toilet to a more comfortable temperature. Most heaters work with the simple press of a button, but they do need to be attached to an electrical outlet, so they will only work in bathrooms that have an outlet within easy reach of the toilet.

    Self-Cleaning Bowls

    Although technology hasn’t yet reached the point at which toilets can completely clean themselves, there are toilets that have self-cleaning functions in the bowls. Many pre-spray the bowl before it used so that is stays cleaner for longer. Some bowls are also deodorized now with carbon filters to reduce unpleasant smells.

    Are you ready to upgrade your toilet technology? Let the plumbers at Ace Plumbing help you choose and install the best toilet for your home. For help with your plumbing in Sacramento , call (916) 455-4548.

  • The Benefits of Perma-Liner

    Sewer lines are vulnerable to damage by everything from tree roots to clogged drains. In the past, when the lines were damaged, repairs meant digging up the yard for a costly and lengthy excavation and replacement process. Fortunately, trenchless sewer repair allows the same fixes to be made without the disruptive digging. Perma-Lateral by Perma-Liner makes it all possible.

    To use the Perma-Lateral system, your plumber only needs to create one access point. The inversion system allows the liner to invert itself through a pipe using a carefully calculated amount of pressure. The pressure is held until the lining curing process is complete, which can take three hours for ambient curing or as little as 20 minutes for steam curing. This allows sewer lines to be repaired without excessive digging.

    Ace Plumbing is pleased to offer trenchless sewer repair in Sacramento to save your landscaping in the event of sewer line problems. Find out how we can use this strategy to fix problems in your sewer lines by calling (916) 455-4548.

  • How Old Is Your Heating System?

    The age of your heating system is a major indicator of when you may need to consider replacing it. Generally, furnace heating systems that are between 16 and 20 years old and HVACs that are 12 years old are at the age where they may fail. Even if your system lasts longer, heating repairs to a system in this age range may not be as cost-effective as getting a new system. If your heating is close to the age at which it could need to be replaced and you notice any of these other symptoms of a problem, consult with your heating and air conditioning technician to see if making repairs or replacing the unit is the right solution for you.

    Increasing Energy Bills

    When your energy bills go up suddenly, it is usually an indicator that something is wrong with your heating system. In some cases, a relatively simple repair such as replacing clogged filters could improve energy efficiency, but larger issues can also be to blame. When you have an older heating system, rising energy bills could be a signal that now is the time to invest in a new unit. Newer models are likely to be more energy-efficient than your current system could be even when it is working properly, so it might make more financial sense in the long run to replace your unit rather than repairing it.

    Uneven Temperatures

    If some of the rooms in your home feel warm while others are chilly, then you could have a problem with air distribution in your heating system. You may also notice the symptoms of an air distribution problem if your home just doesn’t seem as if it is as comfortable as the thermostat says it is. It is usually more cost-effective to replace an older heating system with air distribution issues.

    At Ace Plumbing, we know that the decision to replace your heating system is a major one, and our technicians will help you make the right choice for your home and your budget. To schedule an appointment for one of our licensed heating and air conditioning experts in Sacramento to diagnose the problem with your heating, call (916) 455-4548.

  • Quick Tips for Caring for Your Septic Tank

    When you have a septic tank, it’s important to follow some basic care strategies to avoid unnecessary plumbing repairs. This video details some of the things you can do every day to keep your septic tank in top condition.

    With a septic tank, it’s very important to consider how what you put down your drain affects your system. For instance, pouring unused medications and antibiotic soaps into your drain can upset the balance of bacteria in your system that is necessary for breaking down waste. Low-flow toilets and showerheads can also benefit your septic tank.

    If you do have trouble with your septic tank, Ace Plumbing is ready with septic service and emergency plumbing repairs in Sacramento. To schedule an appointment today, please call (916) 455-4548.