Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Water Heater

Water heaters provide our plumbing systems with hot water on demand. Since the average water heater only lasts for about 15 years, however, you should not expect your current water heater to last forever. Your plumber can help you pick out a new water heater that is ready to deliver plenty of hot water to all your fixtures and appliances. Some factors to consider when you are choosing a new water heater include:

Fuel Source

When you are picking out your new water heater, you will need to determine what type of fuel source is currently connected to your home. Water heaters can be powered by natural gas, electricity, or propane. Your new water heater should ideally use the same fuel source that is already hooked up to your current system.


In order for your water heater to be a functional part of your plumbing system, it will need to supply all your fixtures and outlets with a sufficient supply of hot water. A water heater that has a capacity that is too low will run out of hot water at inconvenient moments. If your water heater is too large, however, it may drain energy.


Your plumber may be able to offer you a choice between a standard or tankless water heater. If you are concerned about your home’s energy and water consumption, consider switching over to a tankless water heater for your home. By creating hot water as it is needed, a tankless water heater is an environmentally friendly addition to your plumbing system.

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