Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

Your garbage disposal might mean a great deal to your kitchen and your family, so it’s in your best interest to take good care of it . Misusing your disposal can result in avoidable plumbing problems, so make sure the whole family knows how to use it properly. Read on for an overview of a few garbage disposal do’s and don’ts.

Do Run the Faucet While Using It

Homeowners often realize that they should run the faucet while using their garbage disposals. However, you should make sure the water you run down your drain is cold. Cold water will push food scraps down the drain without melting them, ensuring that they won’t attach to the sides of your drain. Be sure to run a strong cold current when using your garbage disposal.

Do Keep It Clean

If your garbage disposal is dirty, your whole kitchen may suffer. Some food products are particularly potent in aroma, while others can get caught in your drain and emit odors over time. If you want to make your garbage disposal the best-smelling component of your plumbing system, clean it on a regular basis. Whenever you wash your dishes, run the garbage disposal and add in some dish soap. You can also toss in some lemon peels to grace your kitchen with a nice, citrusy scent.

Don’t Pour Grease Down It

Just like other plumbing appliances, your garbage disposal isn’t made to handle everything. Unless you have plenty of time and money to spend on drain cleaning, keep coffee grounds, cigarette butts, and cooking grease away from your garbage disposal. It’s particularly crucial to keep grease out of your garbage disposal; after you pour it down the drain, it can solidify and attach to the walls of your drains. This can ultimately require professional drain cleaning.

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