• A Look at the Steps of Faucet Repair

    Leaky faucets are so common that they are one of the main reasons why people call for plumbing repair in Sacramento . The steps of a faucet repair can be complex to explain without a visual aid. Watch this video clip to see how a plumber completes a faucet repair on a ceramic disc faucet.

    After removing the parts of the faucet, the plumber will clean, repair, or replace any parts that are malfunctioning. If you need a plumber that can handle your drain cleaning, faucet repair, or emergency plumbing needs, call Ace Plumbing today at (916) 930-6246. We handle both residential and commercial plumbing issues.

  • The Process of Repairing a Kitchen Sink

    Kitchen Sink Repair Sacramento Kitchen sinks may appear simple in design, but they can actually be quite complicated—especially when they begin to malfunction. Clogs, incorrectly installed pipes, and leaks are the most reasons why people will call a plumber in Sacramento to get the kitchen sink repaired. To learn more about the process of repairing a kitchen sink, read on.

    The first step in the kitchen plumbing repair process is clearing any clogged drains. Kitchen sink clogs are oftentimes stubborn and cannot be cleared with baking soda, vinegar, and hot water. In these cases, the drain needs to be treated with a professional plumbing tool. Any pieces of the kitchen sink that is worn or corroded can cause leaks; these parts must be removed and either cleaned or replaced. Sometimes the under-sink assembly needs to be replaced and reconfigured to fully repair a kitchen sink. Call Ace Plumbing at (916) 930-6246 for more information about the plumbing repair services we offer.

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