• Tips for Choosing a New Furnace Filter

    Dirty air filter

    Your furnace is a valuable home heating appliance, but it’s also an effective air cleaner—so long as the filter is clean. Dust and debris perpetually circulate throughout your indoor environment. When the furnace is running, air is sucked through the system and passes through the filter, removing allergens, pollutants, and other airborne irritants. Filters also prevent large particles from clogging up and impairing the home heating system. When choosing a new filter for your furnace, look for filters with a high MERV rating to remove the most particles from the air. While disposable filters tend to be on the low end of the MERV spectrum, these inexpensive filters are still effective at protecting your home heating system from large particles of dust and debris.

    The heating repair professionals at Ace Plumbing of Sacramento can help you maintain your furnace throughout the winter and all year long. Call us at (866) 999-4703 or contact us online to schedule heating repair or maintenance for your furnace. You can also call us if you have questions about maintaining your furnace system. 

  • Plumbing Maintenance 10: [INFOGRAPHIC]

    It’s easy to take your plumbing for granted when it’s working properly. However, if you experience plumbing problems, you may wish that you had taken steps to prevent them from happening in the first place. A little bit of preventive maintenance can go a long way in keeping your plumbing running smoothly. Keep cooking grease out of your drains, as it will cool and harden, leading to clogs. Use drain screens on your sinks and showers to help keep hair, soap slivers, and small objects from going where they don’t belong. Do a regular check for leaks around your home, paying attention any dampness you find in cabinets, floors, or walls. Take a look at this infographic from the Sacramento plumbing experts at Ace Plumbing to learn more about maintaining your drains, pipes, and appliances. Please share with your friends and family!


  • Tips for Preventing a Sewer Line Problem

    Sewer line problems can create a number of problems, including sewage backups. While some sewer problems are the result of old pipes and creeping root systems, a large number of problems are caused by clogs in the sewer line caused by dumping or flushing garbage and non-disposable waste down the toilet and drains. Watch this short video clip for some tips on keeping your sewer line in tip-tops shape so you can avoid expensive plumbing emergencies.

    Ace Plumbing of Sacramento can help prevent a major sewer line problem with video pipe inspections, hydro-jetting, and sewer repair services. We also provide trenchless repair services to get to the roof of your sewer line problem without disturbing your landscaping or driveways. Visit our website to learn more about our sewer maintenance and repair services, or call us at (866) 999-4703 to schedule a sewer inspection today

  • Tips for Avoiding a Backup in Your Sewer Line

    Plunged Toilet

    If there’s one plumbing emergency Sacramento homeowners fear most, it’s a backup in the sewer line. As you can probably imagine, raw sewage coming out of the drains and into your home can cause quite a lot of damage. A sewage backup can also expose your family to diseases and viruses that are spread by human waste and excrement. To protect your health and your wallet, here are some tips to keep your sewer line clear and prevent a backup.

    Watch What You Flush

    Your toilet isn’t a garbage disposal. The only thing you should flush down the toilet is waste and toilet paper. Cotton balls, feminine hygiene products, condoms, floss, paper towels, and even “disposable” sanitary wipes are just a few of the toiletries that can cause your sewer line to become clogged over time if flushed down the toilet. You should also watch what you pour down the drains, especially in the kitchen. Avoid pouring grease, fats, and oils down the drain to help keep your sewer line clear.

    Schedule a Sewer Line Inspection

    You should always be on the lookout for red flags of a sewer line backup . If you notice that your sinks and toilets take a long time to drain, for example, your sewer line may be clogged. Another telltale sign of an impending sewer line backup is water around the floor drain in the basement after your done showering or using the washing machine. If you notice any signs of trouble, request an immediate sewer line inspection with Ace Plumbing. A video inspection can identity any clogs in the pipe and determine the condition of the sewer line itself. Your plumber will then be able to recommend the most appropriate services to clear the line and prevent a backup.

    Ace Plumbing of Sacramento can help you avoid a sewer backup thanks to our professional sewer line inspection and hydro-jetting services. Our plumbers are highly trained in sewer repair and maintenance. We can also install backflow preventers to keep non-potable water from contaminating your home’s water supply. Call us today at (866) 999-4703 to learn more about our residential plumbing services. 

  • The Essentials of Maintaining Your Furnace

    Furnace maintenance

    Sacramento certainly isn’t the coldest city in America, but that doesn’t mean Sactown residents don’t need to use their furnaces to stay warm during the winter months. The last thing you want is to be stuck without hot air on a chilly night, which is why it’s crucial that you take steps to maintain your furnace now to avoid problems in the future. Furnace maintenance can also save you money on heating repair over the life of your furnace.

    Safety First

    Before you perform any sort of furnace maintenance , make sure to switch off the electrical power and fuel supply to your heating system. Also note the location of both in case of a future leak or fire. You should also wear proper safety equipment, such as gloves, eye protection, and a breathing mask.

    Clean the Combustion Chamber

    As fuel mixes with air and is ignited in the combustion chamber, heat is generated—as well as carbon soot and carbon dioxide. A buildup of soot can cause the chamber walls to corrode. Scrape out built-up carbon using a small wire brush and remove loose material with an industrial shop vacuum.

    Inspect the Exhaust Flue

    To make sure dangerous exhaust fumes are being properly ventilated away from your home, check for holes in the exhaust flue pipe that could leak carbon monoxide. Small holes can be patched with foil tape, but corroded flues must be replaced.

    Replace Oil Filter

    If you have an oil-powered furnace, the oil filter is what prevents small impurities from clogging the oil-burner nozzle, which could result in a misfire that shut downs the system. If you aren’t sure how to replace the oil filter, contact a heating repair company in Sacramento.

    To make sure your furnace delivers hot air all winter long, count on Ace Plumbing of Sacramento for all your heating repair and maintenance needs. Our trained and certified heating and cooling repair technicians are able to diagnose and fix HVAC problems quickly. Visit our website to learn more about our furnace repair services , or call us at (866) 999-4703 to set up an inspection, tune-up, or repair service today.