Understanding the Basics of How Your Toilet Works

Flush Toilet

You use it every day, but do you know how your toilet actually works? If you are like most people, you don’t even think about your toilet until it breaks. Learn more about the basics of how a toilet works and which Sacramento plumbers to call if you need toilet repair services.

Bowl Siphon

Did you know that your toilet would work perfectly well even if you disconnected the tank, leaving only the toilet bowl? The important mechanism here is the bowl siphon, which is a mechanism that sucks the water out of the toilet bowl when enough water is poured into the bowl at once. You don’t actually need the flushing mechanism ; all you need is a bucket of water that fills the bowl quickly enough to completely fill the bowl siphon and create suction.


When you turn the flush handle it raises a chain attached to the flush valve, which covers a hole at the bottom of the toilet tank. As soon as the chain pulls up the flush valve, the water drains quickly out of the tank and into the bowl, which fills the bowl siphon and creates enough suction to flush the toilet.


Once the water in the toilet bowl and tank drains out, the toilet automatically starts filling up again. This is possible thanks to the refill mechanism, which consists of a filler float and filler valve. The float is a device that floats at the surface of the water in the toilet tank. When the tank is full, the float touches the filler valve; as soon as the tank’s water level drops, the filler float sinks. The filler valve is designed to start filling the tank with water as soon as the float starts to sink. The water eventually brings the filler float back up to the filler valve, which shuts off the supply of water to the bowl.

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