• Tips for Tracing a Leak in Your Home’s Plumbing


    The first step to repairing a leak in your home is identifying its source. This may prove a little difficult at first, but it’s not very hard once you know how to follow the path of the damage. As soon as you figure out where the leak started, you can ask a technician about having the problem resolved. When tracing a leak in your plumbing , you should do the following:

    Look for Conspicuous Deformities

    Leaks tend to make their presence known through obvious water damage . Damp spots and visible water stains often form on wooden surfaces, and mold may grow in areas that have experienced prolonged exposure to moisture. Keep an eye out for warped panels, strange cracks, and damaged wallpaper. Bubbling paint can indicate a leak as well.

    Rearrange Your Appliances

    If an appliance’s supply line is nearby, you can try to determine the source of the leak by moving the device out of its usual location. Water tends to pool around appliances with damaged supply lines; if everything seems to be in order, there’s a chance that the issue lies with your plumbing system. If so, you should consult a specialist before taking further action.

    Inspect Your Pipes, Basement and Crawlspace

    The state of your piping can offer clues to help you trace the leak. You may be able to spot signs of corrosion on the supply line fittings and valves if you’re close to the source of the problem. Don’t hesitate to examine the piping in the deeper recesses of your home, as basements and crawlspaces are common sites of household flooding. Keep in mind that, since water flows downward, you may need to look around a bit before you find the exact location of the damaged pipe.

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  • Comparing the Energy Costs of Heating and Cooling a Home

    Woman paying bills on computer.

    Homeowners often wonder how the costs of cooling a home with air conditioning compare to the costs of using indoor heating. Both often use more energy than any other household appliance. As such, HVAC systems tend to be costly in any form, and how they compare depends on the local climate.

    Heating costs more than cooling in most cases. In many states, the money put toward keeping homes warm in the winter accounts for roughly two-thirds of the average homeowner’s annual energy bill. The reverse applies to states where the weather tends to be relatively warm throughout the whole year. In these areas, heating may only be an issue during unusual conditions.

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  • How To Cut Down Your Home Heating Costs

    Since energy bills tend to rise during the winter, it’s a good idea to make small lifestyle changes to reduce heating costs until spring. This video outlines a few ways homeowners can keep their houses warm without burning through their savings.

    One of the simplest methods is to stuff air leaks with towels to keep drafts from slipping through and lowering the temperature. It’s also good to stock up on blankets, use space heaters, and operate your fireplace to stay warm.

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  • Could Poor Air Quality Be Affecting Your Health?

    Senior man opening air conditioning filter in ceiling

    Like most homeowners, your indoor air quality probably isn’t much of a concern. You might brush off the occasional sneeze or cough as a fluke, and go about your daily business. However, there may be numerous allergens, chemicals, bacteria, and other pollutants gumming up your indoor air. Here’s a brief look at a few health effects commonly associated with poor indoor air quality .



    Asthma occurs when a person’s airways become inflamed, usually as a result of contact with airborne pollutants . People with asthma have trouble breathing when exposed to certain triggers, which can be mold, animal dander, or pollen. Research shows that children who live in environments with poor indoor air quality are more likely to develop asthma. 



    Allergies occur when the body’s immune system has an overreaction to external substances. Some of the most common allergens are mold, plant pollen, and animal dander—all three of which are found in homes across the country. If you or any of your family members experience sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, or other symptoms of allergies, consider installing an air filter in your home.


    Respiratory Infections

    Poor indoor air quality is also considered a contributing factor to upper and lower respiratory infections, including sinusitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia. People with compromised immune systems—including diabetics—are especially susceptible to suffering serious respiratory infections. 



    Though the development of cancer is usually the result of many contributing causes, doctors are quick to identify prolonged exposure to low-quality indoor air as a major factor. Though more research is needed to confirm the link, thousands of people have been diagnosed with lung cancer after years of breathing in radon, secondhand smoke, and other pollutants.


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