Drain and Sewer Services: Video Inspection


Since sewer and plumbing lines spend most of their lifespan underground, they’re usually out of sight. When the lines have cracks, invasive tree roots, or are otherwise damaged, homeowners don’t know until there’s a serious problem. Fortunately, video inspection allows plumbers to identify plumbing problems before they become catastrophic.

Video inspection is the only way to analyze underground sewer and plumbing lines short of digging them up. By attaching a high-resolution camera to a fiber optic cable and sending the cable down a drain, professional plumbers can identify problems and judge how best to proceed with repairs. Video inspection is also an important step for prospective homeowners. If the property you’re thinking of buying has problems with its sewer line, you might select another home or further discuss the terms of the sale.

Whether you’re looking to inspect a new home or maintain your current one, Ace Plumbing Heating & Air will gladly provide video inspection services for the entire Sacramento area and beyond. We can also handle numerous other plumbing and home heating tasks, including clearing clogged drains and maintaining HVAC systems. Call us at (916) 455-4548 or visit our website if you have any questions.

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