How to Recognize the Signs of a Home Water Leak

Water Meter Gauge

Unchecked water leaks can quickly turn into huge water bills. The best way to prevent severe and costly damage from leaks is to routinely check for leaks so you can catch them early. You can use the following water leak detection tips to spot problems in your home and report them to a plumbing repair professional.

  • Visit Water Meter: Check your water meter immediately if you suspect a leak. The meter’s leak detector and water flow dial should be able to help you confirm a suspected plumbing problem—quickly spinning leak detectors and erratically moving flow dials are common signs of a problem. You can ask your local plumbing service for detailed tips on reading your water meter.
  • Inspect Accessible Plumbing: Some leaks can be spotted easily. For example, the plumbing that runs under kitchen and bathroom sinks can be inspected with the help of a flashlight.  You can also easily check the water lines running through from your appliances. Keep a close eye on this piping and watch the nearby floor for wet spots. Any increase in moisture near these pipes can likely be followed back to a small leak. You can minimize risks of structural damage and mold intrusion by spotting these leaks in the trickle stage.
  • Scan High-Risk Areas: Some areas, such as ceilings and basements, are at a higher risk for leak problems. The most efficient method for keeping these problems under control is to keep a close eye on them. Regular maintenance visits from a plumbing professional can help keep problem areas under control, too.

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