The Fundamentals of How Septic Systems Work and How Often Pumping Is Needed

Septic systems have been used for many years in areas where municipal sewer lines don’t reach residential developments. Consisting of a septic tank and drain field, these systems are designed to process waste using gravity and natural bacterial organisms.

Septic tanks can be installed at or below ground level, and a newer quality tank can be accessed from the surface regardless of depth. Multiple chambers in the septic tank separate solids from liquids in the primary treatment stage. Sludge settles to the bottom of a tank, while lighter solids form a scum at the surface of the waste in the tank. Liquids are eventually transported to the drain field. A septic tank should be pumped every two to three years, depending upon usage and local requirements.

Inspections of your tank will help you determine when it is time to have yours maintained.  Ace Plumbing  can handle all of your septic tank maintenance needs. Visit us online or contact us at (866) 999-4073 today.

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