• What Happens During a Video Sewer Inspection?

    Plumber with plastic u-bend pipe and tools

    A video sewer inspection is a process through which the sewer lines connected to a house are inspected using a camera attached to a long fiber optic cable. What the camera sees is recorded and processed to be used in future repairs or possible replacements. Video sewer inspections are performed both as a preventative measure and to determine the cause of a leak or blockage.

    Some pipes, like galvanized steel pipes, don’t readily display damage on the outside. These types of pipes rust from the inside and form a corrosive buildup of blockages that can cause sewer systems to back up or spew rusty water from faucets. Tree roots or grease can also cause blockage. By pushing the fiber optic cable through the sewer pipe, technicians can determine the nature of a leak or blockage. This can aid them in determining the correct method for clearing the pipe. Other, more serious, issues can be determined by a video sewer inspection as well. An offset pipe caused by soil movement or frozen ground can be dangerous and costly to repair so it is imperative to know about it as soon as possible. 

    Another good time to have a video sewer inspection done is during the home inspection period while purchasing a house. The sewer system of a house is not always addressed during the home buying process. However, it should be a particularly important step during the home inspection process because a sewer system that needs to be cleaned, cleared, or even replaced can be a costly addition to a recent home purchase. Requesting a video sewer inspection can determine how well the sewer system is functioning and whether or not it needs to be replaced. 

    Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning provides expert video sewer inspection services. In the Sacramento area, call (916) 455-4548 to speak to a technician today.


  • Plumber Tips: How to Turn Off Main Water Service

    Knowing where to find your main water shutoff valve is extremely important. It can save your house from major damage should a surprise leak or burst sewer line suddenly appear. 

    In most houses the main water service is located in the garage, but this is not always the case. Check near your hot water heater for the largest line entering the house. The main water service shutoff is typically a lever that, when pulled down and exposed, is in the off position. Watch this video clip for more details. 

    It’s also helpful to know where the main water service shut off is to assist plumbers when they enter your home for basic plumbing work. In the Sacramento area, call (916) 455-4548 to speak to the plumping professionals at Ace Plumbing .


  • Water Heater Not Working As Well As It Used To?

    heating engineer in boiler room

    Check out the pages below for more information on knowing when your water heater needs replacement and how to tell if your home heater is in need of repair. Contact Ace Plumbing at (916) 455-4548 for further information on these topics. 

    • To better understand the potential problems water heaters can encounter, visit this page from HowStuffWorks.com to see how they’re put together
    • Visit EnergyStar.gov for assistance in selecting a new water heater to replace your old unit with maximum energy efficiency in mind. 
    • Keeping your furnace in good condition with routine maintenance will help it stay efficient and working properly. Read more on this page from About.com. 


  • How to Tell if Your Water Heater is About To Go Out

    Residential Water Heater

    The water heater is an important part of your home’s plumbing that works to keep the household supplied with hot water.  Like any other appliance, however, it requires regular maintenance. While water heaters can last for decades, there comes a time when replacement is the most viable option. Check out these symptoms that point to a water heater that’s ready to be put to rest. 

    • Hot water is sparse and unpredictable: If the water coming from your faucets or showerheads are too hot, too cold, or only stays warm briefly, then your water heater may be malfunctioning. It can be an energy supply issue, poor water flow, or something wrong with the heating element, all of which point towards a heater well past its prime.  
    • No hot water: A clear sign that something is wrong with your water heater is a lack of hot water entirely. This can point to a faulty heating element or an issue with your pilot light. Contact your plumber right away to minimize time spent without hot water.  
    • Strange noises: Water heaters occasionally whistle and make other noises as the metal expands and contracts, but loud clanking or repetitive and out-of-the-ordinary noises should always prompt investigation. An older unit may have some quirks, but these can be a sign it’s time to go with something newer.  
    • Visible moisture: Condensation on or around your water heater is a sign that something is wrong.  Any time you notice water underneath your heater, cut the power immediately and contact your plumber. It is likely there is a nearby leak that a plumbing expert will need to repair it quickly.  

    If you think your home is ready for a new water heater, call Ace Plumbing, Sacramento’s plumber of choice. We can diagnose and repair any issue your water heater may encounter, as well as replace it with a newer and more energy-efficient model. Contact us at (916) 455-4548 to schedule an appointment with our specialists today.


  • Signs Your Home’s Heater is in Need of Repair

    hands of a plumber repairing gas heating

    The cold season is the last time you want to have your heating system suddenly fail. Knowing how to spot issues early on can help one avoid heating repairs and stay warm throughout the winter. Read on to learn about the sings of a home heater in need of attention, because winter is coming and you don’t want to be left in the cold. 

    Problem Indicators

    A home’s heater will often exhibit distinct signs when something is wrong, but they won’t always originate in the heater itself.  The most obvious tells are when the heater or furnace makes a lot of abnormal and loud noises, which can indicate that the moving parts are in need of lubrication or repair. Other, less clear signs can be a sudden and intermittent spike in your utility bill, a house that isn’t quite warm enough, or uneven heating. When some rooms are colder than others, it can point to several problems and not necessarily just your heater. 

    Consider contacting an experienced heating repair service to have a look at your heating systems in the case of suspected issues. Professionals quickly and accurately pinpoint the problem.  The earlier you catch something wrong, the sooner it can be repaired, especially before it potentially evolves into a larger issue.  

    Preventative Maintenance

    Before winter comes, it’s always a good idea to have your furnace or heater inspected by a heating repair company. There are a few routine measures that will extend the life of your heating system and keep it running efficiently, such as lubrication of the blower motor and changing the air filter. 

    At Ace Plumbing, we can take care of all your heating repair needs and ensure you will settle in for a comfortably warm winter. Call us at (916) 455-4548 to make an appointment or visit our website to explore our range of heating services today.