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If our recent blog posts on air conditioning inspections and what you should keep from going down the drains in your home have been of assistance to you, then reading these resources from around the web will be a great way to learn even more. If you’re in Sacramento and would like to get in touch with an experienced plumber, call Ace Plumbing at (916) 455-4548 with all of your plumbing questions.

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Why You Should Have Your Air Conditioner Inspected Before Summer Kicks In

Summer’s approaching, and this means it will soon be time to start using your air conditioning unit again. The air conditioning in your home is a luxury that will keep your family cool and comfortable through the year’s warmer months. However, an air conditioning unit is a complex machine that requires routine maintenance and care. Don’t wait until the weather heats up to find your AC has broken down during the winter months. Here are a few reasons you should call a trusted HVAC repair technician before summer arrives.

Air conditioner


Your air conditioning unit requires regular maintenance to work at its best, and this extends beyond merely changing your air filters. Having not used your air conditioning through the winter, you might not have noticed common problems or provided the care that your unit requires. Unless addressed by an air conditioning expert, the collection of dirt and dust on your air conditioner’s coils from months of inactivity could lead to larger and more expensive problems, such as premature fan failure. Don’t wait until it’s scorching outside to find out your air conditioning is not running at its peak capacity. Keep your family comfortable by calling in a heating and air conditioning repair service that will ensure your home’s transition into the summer weather is a smooth one.


Catching problems in your air conditioning early can both save you money and maintain your unit’s operational efficiency. Corroding electrical wires could cause your unit to work inefficiently. While many people think that low refrigerant levels are a normal part of running your AC, your air conditioner should not consume refrigerant at all! Instead, low refrigerant is indicative of a leak in your unit. Don’t waste money on refilling refrigerant or overworking your air conditioner. Instead, call in a repair expert to inspect your unit before the weather starts heating up.

If you’re in Sacramento, call Ace Plumbing at (916) 455-4548 to address all of your heating and air conditioning repair needs. Our professional plumbers and technicians are experienced in heating and air conditioning repair, and will help keep Sacramento residents cool through the upcoming summer.

5 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Home's Drains

The drains in your home are among the most important components of your overall plumbing system. Serving as the passage through which fluids and waste enter the pipes that channel out of your home, your drains are likely to be the source of many plumbing problems. If the drains in your home are not functioning properly, call a professional plumber or drain cleaning service. To avoid these problem altogether, here are five common household byproducts that you should never put down your drains.

Cooking Grease:

The oils, fats, and grease that result from your cooking should never be poured down your drains. While hot or warm grease would appear a harmless and easily disposable liquid, when these fatty oils cool they become thick and solid. This is sure to clog the drains in your kitchen.

Plumber Removing Hair Clog from Shower Drain

Pasta and Noodles:

As you’ve probably noticed any time you’ve cooked pasta, these starches expand when they come in contact with water. Pasta or noodles that have found their way down your kitchen sink will continue to expand in your pipes every time you run water, and could plug up your home’s plumbing.

Coffee Grounds:

Coffee grounds seem to go down your sink easily. In actuality, these grounds can become lodged in your sink’s garbage disposal and cause a serious plumbing problem. Instead of pouring your coffee grounds down the sink, toss them in the wastebasket.


When it comes to clogged drains in your bath or shower, human hair is a common culprit. Try your best to ensure hair does not escape down your drains. Think about purchasing a drain guard for the drains in your bath or shower.

Harsh Drain Cleaners:

Many with clogged drains in their home rush out to fix the problem themselves. However, many of the drain cleaners available over the counter can actually damage the pipes in your home, causing an even more expensive plumbing disaster. For serious drain stoppage issues, always call in a professional drain cleaner.


If you’re in Sacramento, call Ace Plumbing at (916) 455-4548 for all of your drain problems. Our professional plumbers keep Sacramento’s pipes running smoothly.

Tips for Keeping Your Home's Drains Clear

Keeping the drains in your home clear is an important aspect of your home plumbing’s overall efficiency. A clogged or stopped drain can be a hassle for homeowners, and often can only be fixed by an experienced plumber.

This video will teach you some tips for keeping your home’s drains functioning properly. Learn the importance a plunger plays in your home and why you should run water with your garbage disposal. While regular homeowners can fix some drain problems, this video demonstrates that, sometimes, you need to call in a professional.

Residents of Sacramento can let Ace Plumbing come take care of all plumbing problems. With over 40 years of experience, our plumbers know what it takes to solve any drain problem. Call us at (916) 455-4548.

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