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Living in Harmony with Your Home's Septic System

A well-maintained septic system provides reliable, efficient sewage performance for your home. Make sure your septic system stays in good repair to avoid issues like waste backup and foul odors. This video from the University of Minnesota’s Onsite Sewage Treatment Program can show you how to take care of any septic system.

Good septic system care starts inside your home. After all, certain items can cause serious performance problems when flushed down the drain. This video also warns against the many consequences of excessive water use. 

Ace Plumbing provides reliable plumbing, heating, and cooling service for the Sacramento area. Our technicians deliver responsive 24-hour repairs and do their best to minimize your inconvenience. Contact us at (916) 455-4548 if you’re in need of a veteran plumbing and HVAC expert. 


Common Problems that Can Afflict Old and Poorly-Maintained Air Conditioners

old air conditioner

Air conditioners are rarely designed to run longer than a decade. In fact, heating and cooling units often develop unique problems during the end of their service life. Keep reading to learn about some of the common problems that can occur in old or poorly-maintained air conditioners. 

  • Part Failures: Air conditioners, like all appliances, require mechanical upkeep from time to time. After all, the delicate components inside your AC will naturally begin to wear down. Regular part replacements, cleanings, and small corrections prevent this routine wear from developing into a serious breakdown. Dented fans, overheated coils, and undercharged refrigerant are all severe problems that are commonly associated with maintenance failure.
  • Electrical Problems: AC units use a complex system of moving parts and chemicals to cool your home. Many of these systems depend on precise wiring, too. Unfortunately, frayed and torn wires are common in older air conditioners—so make sure your air conditioner gets regular electrical checkups. Failure to keep your electrical wires in good shape could result in expensive energy bills and dangerous fire hazards. Thankfully, routine repair from an AC expert greatly minimizes these risks.
  • Costly Replacements: Regular air conditioner maintenance is typically inexpensive and quick. You can expect an AC technician to visit your home, inspect the unit for damage, and replace any worn or damaged parts. Poorly maintained and old air conditioners will have much more demanding maintenance needs. You should strongly consider a replacement air conditioner if your family is spending hundreds of dollars on AC maintenance. These funds could be better spent as an investment in a new, high-efficiency air conditioner.

Ace Plumbing has been doing sewer and air conditioning repair for 40 years. You can put our experience to work for you by calling (916) 455-4548. Let us turn any air conditioning maintenance issue into a thing of the past with professional service and guaranteed repairs.


Preparing for Your Next Plumbing Problem

three curving pipes on a brick wall

Although well-designed plumbing can survive for decades, there are a number of factors that may reduce the effectiveness and longevity of your pipes. Read on to learn about the pipe and heating issues that threaten most homeowners and how a plumber can help.


Even small drips in faucets can significantly inflate a water bill if left unattended. Thankfully, a plumber can typically handle these repairs with little effort. Relatively urgent pipe leaks, however, are caused by corrosive elements within the pipe. Leaks between walls are especially problematic, because they are difficult to detect. In addition to wasted water, long-term pipe leaks can leave your home more vulnerable to mold growth. Avoid these problems with annual home inspections by a local plumber.

Clogged Drains

Clogged sewer drains can cause all manner of inconveniences for households. Rancid smells and slow drains are likely symptoms of sewage lines on the verge of a complete clog. Excess hair, coagulated oils, and root intrusions also contribute to debilitating sewage blockage. The worst case scenario includes backup sewage returning to your home. Speak with a plumber if you suspect your drains may be starting to back up.

Hot Water Loss

Not much is worse than discovering your morning shower has been ruined by a surprise torrent of frigid water. Water heater failures have many potential sources. A leaking water tank is a symptom that’s easy to identify, but many problems will likely require the assistance of a professional to locate. 


For the very best plumbing repair services in the Sacramento area, contact Ace Plumbing. We specialize in all types of sewer and water line replacement services, including high-tech trenchless pipe replacement. Visit us online or call (916) 455-4548 today.

Learn More about Proper Garbage Disposal use and how Sprinkler Systems Can Save you Money

Time is money

Find out what types of things you should avoid putting in your garbage disposal in order to prevent clogs and extend its life, and how having a professional sprinkler system installed can benefit your landscaping and save you money when you visit these resources.

  • Check out this page from to find out how your garbage disposal works hard to keep your drains clear and dispose of food particles.
  • Visit this article from to understand how the design of your irrigation system can be tailored to your landscaping needs.
  • Find out how tweaking your sprinkler system can help you save time and money on watering your landscape with this page from
  • Visit this article from to learn more about preventing drain clogs by avoiding specific chemicals and materials.
  • Read this article from to learn more about using a professional-installed sprinkler systems to irrigate your landscaping efficiently.

If you have more questions about proper garbage disposal maintenance or modifying your sprinkler system, then take advantage of our 40 years of experience and contact Ace Plumbing at (916) 455-4548.

What You Should Avoid Putting In Your Garbage Disposal

Son Helping Father To Mend Sink In Kitchen

Your garbage disposal is a hard-working appliance, and it needs the proper care to keep working as expected. Your plumber can tell you that there are a few things you should always avoid putting down your disposal. This will not only extend its life, but prevent emergency calls and expensive repairs.

  • Fats, Oils, and Grease: Grease is one of the worst things you can put down your drain. It does not have an immediate effect, but it can quickly cause a clog that has you reaching for the phone and the assistance of your plumber. Grease may slip by your disposal just fine, but it can eventually spell doom for your drains. Avoid pouring grease down your drains or disposals when possible.
  • Large Amounts of Food: Never overload your garbage disposal, because that is simply asking for trouble. Begin by running cold water and feeding small amounts of food into the working disposal. This allows it to safely chop the food particles so they can run down your drain. Large amounts of food can clog your disposal and have you calling your plumber.
  • Fibrous Food and Raw Veggies: Tough foods, especially fibrous raw vegetables, are natural enemies of your disposal. The fibers can wind around the blades, causing a jam or slowing function and risking burnout of your motor. Large chunks of these types of veggies can do the same.
  • Raw Meat: Cooked meat is generally handled better by most garbage disposals. Raw meat and gristle can clog the blades. They can also present some fairly foul odors if particles remain stuck in the disposal. It’s best to dispose of raw meats in the trash.
  • Foreign Objects: It should go without saying, but accidents do happen. A stray piece of flatware can spell big trouble for your garbage disposal. The blades can become damaged or jam up. With quick deactivation, your disposal may come out of the incident okay, but a jammed or burnt-out motor is always a risk.

Ace Plumbing can help you understand other ways you can maintain your garbage disposal. Visit us online or contact us at (916) 455-4548 if you do require service or repairs.


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