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Sprinkler Systems 101

During the hottest days of the summer, your lawn and garden will need plenty of water in order to remain lush and green. If you are having trouble keeping up with your yard’s watering requirements, talk to your plumber about setting up a new sprinkler installation. A sprinkler system will automate the watering process, and can help you to maintain a healthier yard. Let’s review some of the basics that every homeowner needs to know about sprinkler systems.

Sprinkler Positioning

A critical aspect of any sprinkler system is the positioning of each sprinkler head. In order to achieve the best benefits from your sprinklers, you will need to make sure that they are evenly distributing water across your lawn turf and essential plants. An experienced plumber will know precisely where to position each sprinkler. Your yard may also have delicate bushes or other landscaping features that require their own, dedicated sprinkler heads.

Sprinkler Timing

One terrific feature of any sprinkler system is an automated timer. With automation, you can set your sprinkler system to water at certain times of the day or night. After your automated sprinkler timing system has been installed, you will no longer have to worry about watering your garden by hand. By providing your yard with fresh water at consistent intervals, you can achieve lush landscaping, even during the hottest and driest times of the year.

Sprinkler Repair

If your home currently has a sprinkler system that isn’t working, you can schedule sprinkler repair services with your plumber. During a sprinkler repair appointment, your plumber can replaced broken heads, repair damaged pipe, and provide your system with any other services that it may need to become fully functional.

For answers to your questions about sprinklers and plumbing in Sacramento, contact Ace Plumbing. Along with our water heater repair and hydro jetting services, we also install and repair residential sprinkler systems. To schedule an appointment for a sprinkler installation for your yard, give us a call at (916) 455-4548.

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