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    Five Star Feedback for Dennis of Ace Plumbing Heating & Air!

    Last updated 7 months ago

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    • Have used ACE Plumbing for the replacement of the heater AC at our home so when we needed repairs of the AC at my late father in laws home we called ACE. Fortunately, Dennis came out and quickly discovered the problem in the attic. A weld by the previous installer had failed and lost all the refrigerant. Dennis was very quick with the repairs... More

      Robert D.

    Getting to Know the Basic Components of a Septic System

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Since the average septic system spends most of its life underground, many homeowners don’t even know what their system looks like. This video from offers a close look at the basic components of a typical septic system.

    The biggest component is the septic tank, which takes wastewater directly from the property and needs to be pumped once every 3-4 years. The distribution box takes the wastewater from the septic tank and sends it to the leech field via a series of pipes. Once in the leech field, the wastewater percolates through a layer of sand before rejoining the groundwater.

    To learn more about septic systems, call Ace Plumbing at (866) 999-4703. We’re proud to provide prompt sewer repair and plumbing services to homeowners throughout the Sacramento area.

    Never Forget

    Last updated 7 months ago

    New 5-Star Review for Ace Plumbing!

    Last updated 7 months ago

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    • Dennis was the best!! Came when they said for appointment. Dennis was very friendly and competent. I would recommend this company to my Network. Awesome no non sense.

      Willie W.

    An Inside Look at How Drain Cleaners Work

    Last updated 7 months ago

    When something in your home goes wrong, it’s tempting to go for the quick fix. When it comes to a clogged drain, many homeowners opt for chemical drain cleaner in order to clear the drain and get on with their lives. While using store-bought chemical drain cleaner is often quick and effective, it may not be the right choice in the long run. Here’s a closer look at how drain cleaners work and which drain-clearing alternatives you should consider: 

    Common Drain Cleaners
    Generally speaking, chemical drain cleaners work by initiating a chemical reaction with clogs. When cruising store aisles, you’re likely to see three main types of drain cleaners: caustic cleaners, which turn grease clogs into an easily dissolvable material; oxidizing cleaners, which clear clogs with heat and gas; and acid cleaners, which are very strong and difficult to find in stores. 

    Negative Effects
    Each of the above drain cleaners works by displacing the electrons within clogs, producing heat as a result. If used improperly, chemical drain cleaners can soften PVC pipe or cause substantial damage to older metal pipes. Some drain cleaners can also kill the bacteria in your septic tank and compromise the breakdown of solid waste. Even if you don’t actually use the chemical drain cleaner, it’s still risky to keep such powerful chemicals under your sink—especially if you have kids.

    Safer Alternatives
    Instead of putting your plumbing, septic system, and health at risk with chemical drain cleaners, you should have a professional come to your home and clear your clog with hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting involves a special nozzle that can clear any clog with a high-powered burst of water. Of course, you’re best off avoiding clogs altogether by throwing food scraps and grease in the trash instead of letting them go down the drain.

    When in doubt, call the plumbing experts at Ace Plumbing. We’ve been providing top-quality sewer, plumbing, and HVAC services throughout Sacramento for nearly 40 years. If you experience a plumbing emergency, don’t be afraid to call (866) 999-4703 at any time. 

Save Big On Your Next Service From Ace Plumbing!

Save Big On Your Next Service From Ace Plumbing!

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