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    How to Ensure that Your Furnace Is Ready for Cooler Weather

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Fall has arrived in full force, and temperatures around the Sacramento area will only get colder for the next several months. To stay comfortable this season, you should make sure your furnace is ready to go. Staying on top of maintenance is also important for reducing your heating costs and keeping your utility bill at a reasonable level.

    Change the Filter
    The filter in your furnace is responsible for protecting the appliance’s components and filtering the air inside your home. If you haven’t changed the filter since last heating season, your heater will have to work harder than necessary, driving up your heating costs. Experts recommend changing the furnace filter once every month during the heating season. If you’d rather not change the filter that often, consider a more substantial HEPA or electrostatic filter.

    Check the Vents
    Your indoor climate relies on a series of ducts, through which hot air travels from the furnace to the various vents in your home. If the vents are blocked by dirt or furniture, your system can’t heat your home as efficiently. You should also check your system’s exhaust flue and intake vent to make sure they aren’t being blocked by animal nests or plant debris.

    Call a Professional
    There are some furnace maintenance tasks that are best left to professional technicians. Instead of risking injury to yourself or damage to your furnace, schedule a professional furnace tune up every fall. A technician will make sure all the interior and exterior elements of your furnace are performing as they should. He can also catch small problems and address them before they become big, expensive problems.

    The technicians of Ace Plumbing are qualified to perform repairs on all major furnace brands. Our level of expertise and our dedication to customer satisfaction has earned us the coveted A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. To make sure the furnace in your Sacramento home or business is operating as well as it can this winter, call us at (866) 999-4703.

    Drain and Sewer Services: Hydro-Jetting

    Last updated 6 months ago

    When your home drains become clogged, you might be tempted to treat them with chemical drain cleaner. While chemical drain cleaners usually do the trick, they can be harmful on your pipes and the environment. For a quick, safe, and effective fix, you’re best off hiring a professional to perform hydro-jetting.

    During hydro-jetting service, a professional plumber will insert a nozzle down your clogged plumbing line. The nozzle will then spray water at an incredible 4000 pounds per square inch, clearing even the most stubborn blockage. Hydro-jetting is an excellent routine maintenance measure—particularly for restaurants that send large amounts of grease and food particles down the drain.

    If you have any questions about hydro-jetting, contact the experts of Ace Plumbing. Hydro-jetting is just one of the plumbing services we provide—we also offer sewer video inspection, heating and air conditioning repair, and water heater maintenance. Visit our website or call our Sacramento office at (866) 999-4703 to find out how we’ve earned our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    Exploring the Effectiveness of Using Septic Tank Additives

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Most homeowners would rather not think about what their septic tank does, let alone how to maintain it. For years, people have been relying on septic tank additives to help make septic tank maintenance easier—but do these additives actually help? This article offers a look at the effectiveness of septic tank additives:

    What Additives Are Supposed to Do
    Septic tank additives have been around since the late 1800s, and today there are over 100 additives available. Septic tank additives often contain yeast, enzymes, bacteria, and other organic materials. The producers of these additives claim that their products can aid your septic tank’s natural bacteria during the solid waste breakdown process, which becomes compromised when faced with bleach, ammonia, and other elements found in household cleaning products. Supposedly, additives’ role in the solid waste breakdown process reduces the number of septic tank problems.   

    What They Actually Do
    While some additives have short-term benefits, one study suggests that these benefits are counteracted by the negative long-term effects. A Kansas State University study found that additives make septic tank sludge decompose too quickly, causing excess gas buildup and system clogs. The Environmental Protection Agency does not recommend the use of septic tank additives, and Washington State has banned them altogether, claiming that additives can contaminate ground water.

    How You Can Maintain Your Septic System
    One of the best ways to take care of your septic system is to conserve water and use environmentally friendly cleaning products. You should also make sure to flush only liquids and organic materials down your toilet and drains. Instead of opting for septic tank additives, have a septic system professional come to your property and pump your tank once every three or four years. 

    Ace Plumbing can provide exceptional septic services to residents of the Sacramento area. We also provide heating repair, hydro-jetting, and numerous plumbing services. Don’t let your plumbing or septic system fall victim to prolonged disrepair—call us at (866) 999-4703 and let our experts resolve all your plumbing issues.

    Sewer Repair: Why You Should Go Trenchless [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Sewer repairs are just about the last thing any homeowner wants to deal with. But why do so many people dread sewer replacement? Part of the reason why is that most people mistakenly believe that the process has to be disruptive and expensive. In reality, thanks to new trenchless sewer replacement techniques, you could have a new sewer line in a matter of days with little interruption of service. Trenchless sewer repairs are also more affordable. Since there is no digging, there is no cost to replace landscaping, driveways, and patios. Check out this infographic from Ace Plumbing to learn more about trenchless sewer replacement. If you think your sewer needs work, call one of our Sacramento plumbing experts for an evaluation. Please pass on this helpful information to your family and friends.

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